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Electric Tool Cart Manufacturers

Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Technology Trade Co., Ltd .(ZHT) with a registered capital of 12 million RMB established in 2002. We are leading Tool Cart Manufacturers and China electric tool cart suppliers mainly engaged in leisure motorcycles, electrical cycles, electrical barrows, RV accessories (gas range, water heater, awning, etc). Business receipt reached 20 million USD per year.The company employs 615 employees including 66 managing members and 72 professional technicians and mechanics. The manufacturing capabilities include 100,000 sets of leisure motorcycles, 50,000 sets of electrical barrows, 300,000 sets of RV gas ranges and water heaters, 60,000 PCS of motorcycle frames, 300,000 PCS of motorcycle spare parts.The company has maintained the ISO9001 Quality System Certification since 2003, and also owns 48 patents and some certifications by CE, UL, CSA, EPA, EEC, ADR, etc.

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Foot Lifter-PC050-02 High-end Technology Agriculture Convenience Trolley Farm Steel Barrow Manufacturer

PC050-03 Agricultural and forestry tools trolley

Electric Barrow-Option for PC040-02/03

Electric Barrow-PC010-02 Blue 120L

Electric Barrow-PC040-01 Manufacturing Agriculture Convenience Garden Tractor Construction Wheel Barrow

Electric Barrow-PC020-01 Professional Lifter Farm Agriculture Convenience Heavy 3 In 1 Big Weel Barrow

Electric Three Wheels Barrow-PC010-02 80*73*45cm Four Wheel Fishing Big Bucket Electric Barrow



PC050-01 New Product Lifter Farm PC020-02 Steel Tray Construction Wheel Barrow Tire

PC030-01 Barrow Lifter Farm Agriculture Convenience Useful Price Metal Wheel Barrow

PC030-01T Barrow Lifter Farm Agriculture Convenience Useful Price Metal Wheel Barrow