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Our company is located in 104 highway, Daixi Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where is 1 hour away from Hangzhou, 2 hours away from Nanjing, and 2.5 hours away from Shanghai. Our company has more than 500 employees, including 76 technicians and engineers. Our factory covers an area of 110,000 square meters, with 80,000 square meters of production area. We are equipped with 400 different kinds of specific devices with strong technical development ability, and quality control ability.

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  • The reason why the motorcycle exhaust pipe sprays white smoke

    Generally speaking, the exhaust pipe of motorcycles has the condition of spraying white smoke, which is caused by the fact that the motorcycle is old, or is usually neglected by maintenance. To put it simply, a four-stroke motorcycle will automatically open the choke valve during the hot motorcycle phase. When the engine is started, the idle speed will be higher than normal, so sometimes it will produce a faint white smoke or the exhaust gas will be converted into a catalytic converter. The motorcyclebon dioxide and water, this kind of normal condition, and the two-stroke motorcycle because the engine lubrication method is spray oil, that is, the oil and gas oil will be mixed and burned. The sprayed oil is a mixed oil and gas that atomizes gasoline and oil together. It first lubricates the cylinder bore and the crankcase, and then enters the combustor to burn into the combustion chamber. The oil is discharged after burning with gasoline, and similarly, it will produce a faint white. smoke.

    However, if the cylinder or valve oil seal is damaged, the oil will leak into the cylinder, the oil pump will age and pressurize too much oil for the cylinder to burn, the ignition of the spark plug is not normal, resulting in incomplete combustion of the gasoline, and the throttle of the oil pump. The valve screw is adjusted too large, and the long-term short-distance riding, the engine does not reach the optimal working temperature, the flame is stopped, the waste particulate molecules generated by the incomplete combustion are adsorbed in the oil, or the burned oil is accumulated in the exhaust pipe. The probability that the exhaust pipe produces white smoke is even greater. At this moment, the best way to eliminate it is to send it as soon as possible, because there is such a situation, it is not formed in three or two days.

    In order to prevent the white smoke of motorcycle exhaust pipes, in addition to the daily attention to the motorcycle conditions, regular maintenance and oil change are also very important. In addition, the details of the hot motorcycle before riding and the correct riding rule can not be ignored. Remember! If the motorcycle is aware of the difference, don't worry about solving the problem in a hurry. If you seek professional assistance, you won't be afraid of it!

  • Remember to reduce the speed and gear first when turning

    The block handlebar construction consists of the right throttle control handle and the front brake lever, and the left side is the clutch lever. The right pedal is the rear wheel brake and the left foot pedal is the shift pedal. The beginner can increase the throttle in an appropriate amount, then slowly release the clutch, and the motorcycle will slowly move forward. At this time, the clutch will be released gradually, and the motorcycle will start to flow smoothly until the speed reaches the engine. When the speed is loaded (when the engine shows a loud sound or the speed reaches about one-third of the limit number of revolutions), it can be shifted. Parking is to brake first and slowly reduce the speed, while lowering the gear.

    The shifting of the motorcycle should be matched with the grip and operating principle of the clutch lever. The clutch lever is not pulled to the end, which will make the shifting smooth. In addition, some recirculating motorcycles also have pedals at the rear end of the foot bar, which can be used for downshifting. When riding, the motorcycle characteristics can be used to drive the motorcycle easily. In addition, remember to reduce the speed and gear first when turning, and keep the power output of the rear wheel over the corner. The mistake that beginners can easily make is to pull the clutch back before cornering or in a corner, and use a sliding way to bend, which is quite dangerous. Because the speed is reduced when cornering, the torque will be insufficient when the bending oil is accelerated, and even the stall will be caused. Otherwise, if the speed increases when the corner is bent, the gear can not keep up with the speed of the motorcycle when the corner is out, and the rear wheel is prone to slip. The situation is quite dangerous!

    The stability of the motorcycle is poor, and it is inevitable that there will be dumping. When the motorcycle is dumped, it is necessary to be safe, labor-saving and correct.

    1. Turn off the electric door to prevent the motorcycle from sliding.

    2. Release the side brackets. When lifting, you can use the side frame brackets directly, which is safe and convenient.

    3. From the knight to the side of the motorcycle, turn the inner handlebar to the tilting side. Hold the handle near the side of the body with one hand and grab the motorcycle trailer on the same side with one hand.

    4. The body is lifted slightly on the side and the knees enter the compartment.

    5. Use the hands, feet, and waist to pull the motorcycle up at the same time. Right up the body.

    6. After the motorcycle is lifted, you should check the safety without checking the safety.

  • How to properly push the motorcycle

    Pushing the motorcycle sounds like a technical word, but actually driving the motorcycle is also tricky. This situation is estimated by the fact that most of the fans have experienced it. Especially when a newcomer replaces his lightweight motorcycle with a medium-sized displacement motorcycle, the difficulty of the motorcyclet will increase sharply. The weight of a motorcycle is about 170 kilograms, plus three boxes, oil, and other modified parts. There are a lot of motorcycles on the 200 kilograms. When you push it, you will reverse it if you don't operate it properly.

    At this time, it takes some skill to easily control the motorcycle. The motorcyclet skill is determined by the three elements of the center of gravity, the structure, and the weight of the motorcycle.

    Properly push the motorcycle to master several angles. When you push the motorcyclet forward, you don't just rely on the arm strength. The waist is the skill. The body is tilted slightly toward your body. The motorcyclet is not only stable but also better in controlling the direction. However, this tilt angle must be controlled. If the motorcycle is too upright, It is possible to slightly ignore the fact that the motorcycle will fall to the outside. Once it is pulled to the outside, it can't be pulled, but the angle is too close to the person's side, and the waist will be too hard, so you have to grasp this angle. There are also angles in front and rear. The upper body is slightly tilted forward, the elbows are slightly curved and close to the middle of the vehicle. The center of gravity of the body can be easily controlled. Even if it is just standing, it will not feel that the body is bulky and unstable.

    When pushing the motorcycle backwards, it is a professional stroller to effectively use the front and cushion support. The correct way to do this is to hold the front of the motorcycle with your left hand. The opposite of the right hand pressing the seat cushion is the reverse. Instead, the body will leave the body slightly, and the process of the motorcyclet will be more secure.

  • Handling characteristics will be affected by the different types of motorcycles

    Regardless of the amount of exhaust, the motorcycle must be operated by its own center of gravity, pedal weight, steering, etc. This is also the biggest difference between motorcycles and motorcycles, not to mention the troublesome means of motorcycles. You don't have to turn the handle when you turn the handle. If you press the throttle or press the brakes, you will get a crash if you don't handle it properly.

    In general, the greater the amount of exhaust, the greater the weight and horsepower of the motorcycle, so the knight needs to do more work and control will become more difficult. Although it has been possible to reinforce this part through electronic control systems recently, it is still necessary to rely on the judgment and technology of the Cavaliers. It is precisely because motorcycles are such a difficult means of transportation, so the types of driver's licenses are also very motorcycleefully (although so, but Japan is now roughly divided into three major stages), causing people who ride or want to ride relative For those who drive, the number is relatively small.

    Of course, the handling characteristics will also be affected by the different types of motorcycles (such as super sports motorcycles and cruise motorcycles), twin-cylinder and 4-cylinder, V-type 4-cylinder and parallel 4-cylinder engine design, but the displacement The impact of the gap is still the biggest. If you take a motorcycle around the track in turn, you will find the difference in engine and handling characteristics of each motorcycle. In general, just as everyone knows, the linear acceleration of a large exhaust vehicle is very fast, and the small displacement is more flexible when cornering.

    Because of the relationship between horsepower and weight, the above phenomenon is very easy to understand. The most difficult thing is how to use the horsepower of a large exhaust motorcycle and the lightness of a small exhaust motorcycle during riding. Although the large displacement vehicle has a high acceleration speed and a high speed, because it has a certain weight, it naturally needs a longer braking distance than a small displacement vehicle. On the other hand, although the small exhaust volume has a normal acceleration performance and a high top speed, it can use the light and delicate body to sprint to the end of the straight stage and maintain high speed into the corner. As you can often hear, although the large exhaust motorcycle can overtake on the straight road, the small exhaust motorcycle can reverse in the curve.