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,We manufacturer variety of motorcycles,electric bikes,auto parts,garden equipments,and other products.
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Our company is located in 104 highway, Daixi Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where is 1 hour away from Hangzhou, 2 hours away from Nanjing, and 2.5 hours away from Shanghai. Our company has more than 500 employees, including 76 technicians and engineers. Our factory covers an area of 110,000 square meters, with 80,000 square meters of production area. We are equipped with 400 different kinds of specific devices with strong technical development ability, and quality control ability.

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  • How to be a good motorcyclist

    Basic posture: To be a good motorcyclist, you must master the correct driving posture. No matter what kind of car you ride, each rider should do the following:

    First, keep your body balanced, your posture should be correct, and you should not be left and right. Motorcycle Beginner Driver's Guide

    Second, the body should be relaxed, the posture should not be stiff, gently hold the handlebars with both hands, do not die, if you are in the direction of the dead, you can not control the direction very well, can not give full play to the unique steering of the motorcycle flexibility. In addition, in addition to controlling the direction, the two hands must also control the clutch, turn signal and brakes, so be flexible.

    Third, while maintaining the balance between the body and the car, the posture of the body can be flexibly changed as needed. For example, when turning, the body changes posture with the inclination of the body, so that the person and the car are integrated. During normal driving, the body sits in the car, the spine is arched, the hips should not be too backward or forward, the handlebars are lightly supported by both hands, the elbows are slightly bent, the lower jaw is recovered, and the front is visible. When the body leans forward, do not use the arm.

    The strength of the body supports the body, and the center of gravity of the body should fall on the lower body, so that the direction can be flexibly rotated. When riding a bicycle, do not open your legs. Gently clamp the fuel tank. The lower body is in the same state as the car body. When turning, keep the car body balanced by moving the lower part of the body. The feet are naturally placed on the pedal, and the clutch handle is generally held by the little finger, the ring finger and the middle finger, and the handlebar and the palm are held by the handlebar. The brake handle is generally held by two fingers or three fingers. The rest of the fingers hold the handlebar. You cannot hold the brake handle with the whole hand. In this case, the throttle cannot be turned.

  • How to extend the engine life of the motorcycle

    When the meter is 6,000 kilometers, the anti-wear agent is added during the normal driving phase for the second bottle of semi-synthetic oil to ensure the engine life can be extended and the performance of the motorcycle can be improved.

    Precautions when electric fire:
    When starting up, the power-on button should not be turned on for more than 3 seconds. If it is not lit at least once, it must be 10 seconds at the second time. Do not use electricity to fire after repeated five times, try other methods. If you still can't check the status of the motorcycle.

    Precautions when starting a cold motorcycle:
    When the engine is cold, the motorcycle is hit, and the throttle is slightly vibrated. The engine speed should not exceed 2000 rpm. After 30 seconds, the gear should be moved forward. The speed of the first 1 km should not exceed 40 km per hour. If it is winter, warm up for 1 minute. During the preheating period, pinch the clutch and the front brake for about 10 times to completely reset the hydraulic oil in the clutch and disc brakes.

    Other maintenance:
    The battery should be checked once a month, whether it is losing electricity.
    When riding a motorcycle every day, check that the brakes are in good condition, and that the steering and brake lights are normal.

  • Four ways to extend the life of the motorcycle

    As an electromechanical product, motorcycles inevitably produce varying degrees of looseness and mechanical wear during use. Failure to perform maintenance in a timely manner will not only reduce the power, economy, driving reliability and safety of the motorcycle, but also cause unexpected serious accidents. Through proper maintenance, you can discover various hidden troubles and prevent malfunctions. This can extend the life of the motorcycle, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize the performance of the vehicle.

    1.Oil oil replacement cycle:

    If semi-synthetic motor oil is used, the replacement cycle is generally 3000 km. It is OK to run to 4,000 kilometers, but in order to ensure the longevity of the engine, it is recommended to change the oil by 3,000 kilometers. When changing the oil, the residual oil is injected into the exhaust cylinder by about 100 ml.

    2.Cleaning of air filter, motorcycleburetor and oil filter:

    Every 3,000 kilometers, that is, every time you change the oil, you must clean the air filter (if it is paper, you can only change it) and the oil filter. Every 6,000 kilometers, the motorcycleburetor is cleaned every time the oil is changed.

    3.Maintenance of the chain:

    Check the chain every 500 kilometers to see if it is loose or not. The chain is removed every 5,000 km, cleaned, and then oiled.

    4.Maintenance of the motorcycle casing:

    The motorcycle is dirty after it is dirty or raining, because the rain is acidic and it is very corrosive to metals and plastics. After washing the motorcycle, apply a layer of wax, more or less to resist acid rain and the sun.

  • It is difficult for motorcycles to increase the limit of stability

    What is the so-called extraversion thrust? For example, try to imagine a disc-shaped object such as a 10-round coin and then roll it. The disc will turn in a slanting direction. At this time, the center line of the disc will produce a right-angled (inward) force. This is the camber thrust, and the camber thrust will increase at the same time as the camber angle (the tilt angle of the wheel).

    In general, the car's camber angle and the body will have an angle change of ±0.5° (+ is the tire to the outside of the car body, - the tire is inclined to the inside of the car body), and the motorcycle body has a maximum of 45°-50°. The angle of change.

    In addition, the camber angle of a general car cannot change when traveling, but the motorcycle is equipped with the knight to change the camber angle in case of turning, which means that in order to make the camber of the motorcycle turn when cornering Importantly, the design of motorcycle tires is mainly to actively use the camber thrust to generate the steering force.

    In order to steer the vehicle body, it is necessary to generate centrifugal force and corresponding steering force when steering, that is, the camber thrust caused by the camber angle of the vehicle body, but sometimes the side slip angle of the tire is required according to the state of the turning. Bring steering power. Since the camber angle (the tilt angle of the body) determines the magnitude of the camber thrust, it is necessary to increase the chamfering angle of the handle when the camber force alone does not generate sufficient steering force compared to the centrifugal force during cornering. Thereby a side slip angle is generated to enhance the steering force.

    Everyone knows that the car is not too large, so the tires are usually wider and the contact area with the ground is larger, in order to get better grip. The motorcycle tire is designed to have no change in the ground contact area at any inclination angle, whether it is straight forward or cornering. The reason for this is that when the ground contact area becomes larger or smaller as the inclination angle becomes smaller, it is impossible to bring stable road grounding property, and the grip force is sometimes weakened and sometimes weakened, and it becomes extremely dangerous to become unstable. But because of this, it is difficult for motorcycles to increase the limit of stability, and cars can easily achieve their goals by increasing the tire width.