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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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Zhenhua Tech & Trade Co., Ltd is

China Motorcycles Suppliers,Electric Bikes and Agricultural Appliances Manufacturers

,We manufacturer variety of motorcycles,electric bikes,auto parts,garden equipments,and other products.
About us

Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Technology & Trade co., ltd (ZHT) with a registered capital of 12 million RMB established in 2002, mainly engaged in leisure motorcycles, electrical cycles, electrical barrows, RV accessories (gas range, water heater, awning etc. ). Business receipt reached 20 million USD per year.
ZHT is located by No. 104 National Highway, Daixi Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Located 60 Km from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province and 180 Km from Shanghai. The company employs 615 employees including 66 managing members and 72 professional technicians and mechanics. The company totally has 110, 000 square meters in land and 90, 000 square meters of building. The new expansion of 66, 000 square meters of land and 48, 000 square meters buildings are under production and nearly completed.
ZHT has 4 assembly lines, 4 paint lines, over 400 sets of various operating machines and 80 sets of detection devices. All these machines are state of the art equipment. The manufacturing capabilities include 100, 000 sets of leisure motorcycles, 50, 000 sets of electrical barrows, 300, 000 sets of RV gas ranges and water heaters, 60, 000 PCS of motorcycle frames, 300, 000 PCS of motorcycle spare parts.
ZHT exports its products to over 30 countries, include USA, Japan, Australia, most European countries, and some Southeast Asian countries. The company has maintained the ISO9001 Quality System Certification since 2003, and also owns 48 patents and some certifications by CE, UL, CSA, EPA, EEC, ADR, etc.
Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Technology & Trade co., ltd will provide the best products and best service to every customers and looking forward to working with you!

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  • What accessories does a motorcycle have

    1. Engine and accessories: assembly, crankcase, cylinder, piston, ring, crankshaft, valve, camshaft, fuel tank, filter, fuel pump, oil pump, carburetor, EFI, intake and exhaust, water tank fan And other.

    2. Transmission system parts: motorcycle clutch, transmission, transmission operating device, motorcycle starting mechanism, motorcycle belt transmission assembly, chain transmission assembly, shaft transmission assembly.

    3. Traveling system parts: frame, fender, fork, shock absorption, shock absorption accessories, wheels, wheels, rims, tires, lock alarms, bumpers, sight glasses, glove box, guard frame, etc., parking Racks, armrests, windshields and accessories.

    4.Electrical appliances and meters: batteries, generators, starters, brushes, rectifiers, overrunning clutches, distributors, spark plugs, switches, lamps and signaling devices, horns, meters, sensors, relays, wiring harnesses, registers and other Electrical parts.

    5. General parts and related: seals rubber, plastic parts, rubber, plastic parts, hard pipes, hoses, powder metallurgy parts, castings and forgings, stamping parts, standard parts, fasteners, bearings, bushings, gears, coatings , Adhesives, lubricants, other materials and processing, magneto-motorcycle safety supplies, helmets and sunglasses.

  • What are the parts that motorcycles need to pay attention to

    Apart from changing the oil and air filter for motorcycle maintenance, these points are also very important!

    When buying motorcycles, many people believe that many motorcycle dealers have said that they have to maintain their motorcycles for a certain period of time. The most common maintenance is oil and air filtration.In fact, not only oil and air filter, these points also need to pay great attention to maintenance.

    The first point: machine filtration.

    Regularly changing the oil and filter is something everyone knows, because motorcycles can easily reach high speeds, so it takes longer than motorcycle maintenance time, and at high speeds, iron filings in the engine There are many, so the machine filter can also be cleaned together.

    The second point: air filtration.

    The replacement of the air filter is affected by the environment. Almost no replacement time is determined. If you ride in the urban area, maintenance can be performed at about 10,000 kilometers. If it is in a place with a lot of wind and sand, the cycle will be shortened. The filters are basically paper paste, but do not wash with water when cleaning, just blow away the dirt with an air pump.

    Third point: steam filtration.

    Steam filter is a gasoline filter element. This has a lot to do with the quality of gasoline. If the quality of the gasoline you add is not very good, the gasoline filter element will play a role in allowing those impurities to be filtered. Less is more, and then it is time to clean.

    Fourth point: brake pads.

    The role of the brake pads is very large. As long as they are used for riding, and the brake pads are also related to the safety performance of the motorcycle, the brake pads also need to be very important to maintain. It is recommended that they be replaced or maintained at about 30,000 kilometers.

  • Determine the displacement interval according to the characteristics of motorcycle

    Displacement measurement level

    For most imported motorcycles, the larger the displacement of similar motorcycles, the higher the level. However, for different types of motorcycles, or domestically produced motorcycles, the content represented by displacement is not so clear, but it does not explain the dynamic performance. 150cc is faster than 250cc. Very common, the 1200 Big Harley may be put on the 600cc sports motorcycle, so the displacement does not determine the performance, please choose the motorcycle according to the type of motorcycle you want, according to the characteristics of the motorcycle to determine the displacement selection interval.

    Double disc brake

    Many people say that the two-disc brakes may be better. This is actually not quite true. Large-displacement high-performance sports motorcycles or front-mounted dual-disc brakes are inevitable for models with extremely high requirements for strength and thermal decay control, but for small rows. In terms of quantity, there is no need for excessive braking force. It is only necessary to use a single disc with high-quality calipers and brake pads. Instead, assembling the two discs will affect the weight of the front wheel and cause side effects.

    Light weight and good performance

    The weight can indeed be manipulated, but not all "light" is good. In the top event SWBK, you can see many details of the body and even the nuts are lightweight aluminum, but many domestic models can't see. Lightweight accessories, but also lightweight structure, for some lightweight models in the country, we must be cautious, it is likely that its frame does not reach enough strength, the quality of the accessories is also worrying.

    EFI and motorcycleburetor
    Electro-injection is divided into closed-loop EFI and open-loop EFI. Open-loop EFI has only one ECU and fuel injection device. Its fuel supply curve is hard, and it is sampled by the magneto coil. The closed-loop EFI has many sensors. The engine operation is sampled at any time and the corresponding fuel supply curve is adjusted. The domestic four standards have been implemented, and the motorcycleburetor is about to become a swan song, so you must polish your eyes when you purchase.

  • Shock absorber damping adjustment of motorcycle

    Power, torque and power

    Power, Torque, and Power: Power directly accounts for engine performance, and torque motorcyclen predict the engine's output characteristics. "The speed of the motorcycler with high torque is fast" is wrong, "the power is big and the speed is fast" is also wrong, bemotorcycleuse there are too many influencing factors, the weight of the motorcycler, the gear ratio, etc., in the motorcyclese of the same part of the motorcycle, the high power is certain. Faster, or faster or faster. Generally, the motorcycler with large torque and peak appearance appears to be usually biased to the torque. The speed control is more flexible and the sense is more fierce, but it does not mean that the acceleration is fast.

    Inverted suspension

    Sporty inverted shocks on some low-priced models: The original intention of inverted shocks is to reduce the unsprung weight and improve the stability of the motorcycle. In the low-end models, more value is reflected in the value of the face, and even some reduction in order to control the cost than the general The positive and negative feedback is still poor. Therefore, judging the configuration of a small-displacement mid- and low-end motorcycler, the front suspension mode motorcyclen not be used as a standard, and only the inverted shock absorber on some of the more expensive small-displacement high-performance sports motorcyclers motorcyclen really be used as a " Add a sub-item.

    Shock absorber damping adjustment

    In low-end models with small displacements, this configuration may not be of much effect, but it is still slightly improved. Of course, there is generally no side effect. It is better than a shock that may have the same cost but no damping adjustment function, so the damping adjustment function is not treated as a "additional item".