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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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Zhenhua Tech & Trade Co., Ltd is

China Motorcycles Suppliers,Electric Bikes and Agricultural Appliances Manufacturers

,We manufacturer variety of motorcycles,electric bikes,auto parts,garden equipments,and other products.
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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Technology & Trade co., ltd (ZHT) with a registered capital of 12 million RMB established in 2002, mainly engaged in leisure motorcycles, electrical cycles, electrical barrows, RV accessories (gas range, water heater, awning etc. ). Business receipt reached 20 million USD per year.
ZHT is located by No. 104 National Highway, Daixi Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Located 60 Km from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province and 180 Km from Shanghai. The company employs 615 employees including 66 managing members and 72 professional technicians and mechanics. The company totally has 110, 000 square meters in land and 90, 000 square meters of building. The new expansion of 66, 000 square meters of land and 48, 000 square meters buildings are under production and nearly completed.
ZHT has 4 assembly lines, 4 paint lines, over 400 sets of various operating machines and 80 sets of detection devices. All these machines are state of the art equipment. The manufacturing capabilities include 100, 000 sets of leisure motorcycles, 50, 000 sets of electrical barrows, 300, 000 sets of RV gas ranges and water heaters, 60, 000 PCS of motorcycle frames, 300, 000 PCS of motorcycle spare parts.
ZHT exports its products to over 30 countries, include USA, Japan, Australia, most European countries, and some Southeast Asian countries. The company has maintained the ISO9001 Quality System Certification since 2003, and also owns 48 patents and some certifications by CE, UL, CSA, EPA, EEC, ADR, etc.
Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Technology & Trade co., ltd will provide the best products and best service to every customers and looking forward to working with you!

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  • The characteristics of motorcycle engines

    The motorcycle consists of five parts: engine, transmission system, walking system, steering, braking system and electrical instrumentation. The overall structure of the motorcycle and the names of the various components.

    1. the characteristics of motorcycle engines

    (1) The engine is a two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline engine.

    (2) It adopts air-cooled cooling, and there are two kinds of natural air cooling and forced air cooling. The general model adopts a natural air-cooling cooling method that relies on running air to blow through the cylinder head and the heat sink on the cylinder sleeve to remove heat. In order to ensure low speed and cooling of the engine before starting, the high-power motorcycle engine uses a forced air-cooling method that uses a fan and an air hood to blow the cooling fins with forced air.

    (3) The engine speed is high, generally above 5000 rpm. The power (the effective power emitted per liter of engine displacement) is large, typically around 60 kW/liter. This shows that the motorcycle engine has a high degree of reinforcement and the engine has a small outer shape.

    (4) The engine crankcase is integrated with the clutch and transmission, and has a compact structure.

    2.the body

    The body consists of three parts: cylinder head, cylinder block and crankcase. The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy and has fins. The new four-stroke motorcycle engine adopts overhead valve, chain drive and overhead camshaft structure. The cylinder block material is made of bimetal (abrasion-resistant cast iron cylinder liner cast aluminum heat sink) for better heat dissipation. Some motorcycles use wear-resistant cast iron cylinders. In some small mopeds, the engine uses a 0.15 mm hard chrome layer on the inner wall of the aluminum alloy cylinder. The crankcase is made of aluminum alloy die-casting from the combination of the left and right cabinets. Some motorcycles have a buffer block between the heat dissipation signs to suppress the noise generated by the vibration of the heat sink.

  • The working process of the two-stroke engine in motorcycle

    The working process of the two-stroke engine is as follows:

    1. The piston moves the mixed airflow into the crankcase.

    2. The piston descends the mixing air pressure to the combustion chamber to complete the first compression.

    3. After the mixture is delivered to the cylinder, the piston is closed and the intake and exhaust ports are closed. When the piston compresses the gas to the minimum volume (this is the second compression), the spark plug is ignited.

    4. The pressure of the combustion pushes the piston downward. When the piston descends to a certain position, the exhaust port opens first, the exhaust gas is sent out and the air inlet is opened, and the new mixed gas enters the cylinder to exhaust the remaining exhaust gas.

    At the same speed, because the two-stroke engine burns more times than the four-stroke, the power is large, and the two-stroke engine is much lighter than the four-stroke engine of the same displacement, so the second flush in the motorcycle has an overwhelming advantage. However, since the intake and exhaust of the two-stroke engine are simultaneously performed, when the engine speed is low, since the exhaust port is opened for a long time, a part of the fresh mixture gas is discharged together with the exhaust gas from the exhaust port, so The power is not high at the bottom speed, and the new two-stroke engine has added some components to improve this problem such as YAMAHA YPVS, HONDA's ATAC SUZUKID SAEC. Due to the coke produced by the combustion engine oil and the intake and exhaust holes on the cylinder wall, the two-stroke engine wears much faster than the four-stroke engine.

  • What is the working principle of a motorcycle engine

    Take the working principle of a four-stroke engine and a two-stroke engine as an example:

    The four-stroke engine has a wide range of applications, and the four-stroke engine means that the piston fires once every four reciprocating cylinders. The specific working principle is as follows:

    1. Intake: At this time, the intake valve opens, the piston descends, and the mixture of gasoline and air is sucked into the cylinder.

    2. Compression: At this time, the intake and exhaust valves are closed at the same time, the piston is up, and the mixture is compressed.

    3. Combustion: When the mixer is compressed to a minimum, the spark plug flashes to ignite the mixed gas, and the pressure generated by the combustion pushes the piston down and drives the crankshaft to rotate.

    4. Exhaust: When the piston descends to the lowest point, the exhaust valve opens, the exhaust gas is exhausted, and the piston continues to move upward to exhaust excess exhaust gas.

    The working principle of the two-stroke engine As the name suggests, the two-stroke engine is that the piston moves up and down two times, and the spark plug is fired once. The intake process of the two-stroke engine is completely different from that of the four-stroke engine. The two-stroke engine has to undergo two compressions. On the two-stroke engine, the mixture first flows into the crankcase and then flows into the cylinder. The mixture of the four-stroke engine flows directly into the cylinder. The crankcase of the four-stroke engine is used to store the oil. The two-stroke engine cannot store the oil because the crankcase is used to store the mixture. Therefore, the oil used in the second-stroke engine cannot. Recycled combustion engine oil.

  • Modification of motorcycle headlights

    After the motorcycle is used for a period of time, the brightness of the headlights often has a depletion phenomenon. The main reason and treatment of the headlight brightness failure are:

    Headlight input voltage is too low: Please check the generator function and the oxidation degree of the line connector.

    Lamp tungsten filament aging: In order to optimize the brightness of the bulb, the bulb can be replaced every 3 years.

    The headlight mirror has flaws: even if the crack on the surface of the headlight is very fine, it will affect the projection of light. The solution to the crack or scratch is to replace the entire headlight group.

    HID motorcycle headlights

    Envy the automotive grade HID high brightness xenon headlights? Or do you like the domineering effect of heavy-duty motorcycles equipped with xenon headlights? Make good use of the car's conversion kit, and the motorcycle can easily upgrade the headlights.

    Confirm the source of the headlight power supply before the modification

    As long as the motorcycle can be turned on when the motorcycle is unlocked and the motor is not activated, the headlight power can be directly obtained from the battery, and the HID of the motorcycle is absolutely no problem! On the contrary, the engine can be turned on to turn on the headlights, indicating that the headlight power supply is obtained from the motorcycle generator, which involves circuit modification, and the project is rather cumbersome.

    Safety modification, quality stability is the most important

    Because the motorcycle is exposed all day, it is easy to be damaged by sand and dust, and the road is not shocked by the unevenness of the road. The use environment is much harsher than that of the car. Therefore, when choosing HID, the quality requirements are even more important! There are many HID conversion kits for heavy-duty motorcycles on the market. The quality is uneven. When purchasing the conversion kit, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the bulb and ballast. For example, the high-voltage wire between the ballast and the bulb should not be too long. The starter should also be fixed so as not to affect the safety and quality of the lighting due to vibration.