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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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,We manufacturer variety of motorcycles,electric bikes,auto parts,garden equipments,and other products.

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Our company is located in 104 highway, Daixi Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where is 1 hour away from Hangzhou, 2 hours away from Nanjing, and 2.5 hours away from Shanghai. Our company has more than 500 employees, including 76 technicians and engineers. Our factory covers an area of 110,000 square meters, with 80,000 square meters of production area. We are equipped with 400 different kinds of specific devices with strong technical development ability, and quality control ability.

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  • What is the secondary maintenance of three-wheeled motorcycles

    The inspection and adjustment centered maintenance work is called secondary maintenance. Three-wheeled motorcycles are generally required to carry out secondary maintenance after 3000-6000 km. The contents of the secondary maintenance include the following items in addition to the primary maintenance items:

    1. Remove carbon from cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, piston rings, and mufflers.

    2. Check the wear condition of the clutch friction plate and the brake shoe on the brake shoe, and adjust or replace it according to the wear condition.

    3, check and adjust the contact gap of the breaker

    4. Check whether the axial runout and radial runout of the front and rear rims meet the requirements. If the runoff is too large, adjust or replace them.

    5, should check the adjustment valve clearance.

    6. Adjust the position of the damper adjustment seat properly.

    7. Check the carbon dust between the clean engine, the starter commutator and the commutator segments.


  • The maintenance of the three-wheeled motorbike

    The maintenance of the three-wheeled motorbike is similar to that of the two-wheeled motorbike. When the three-wheeled motorbike runs a certain mileage (generally 1000-2000 km), it should be required to lubricate the parts to be lubricated according to the regulations, and Tighten the exposed bolts and nuts of the car. This kind of lubrication and fastening-centered maintenance work is called a maintenance. The contents of maintenance include the following items in addition to the routine maintenance items:

    1. Chain-driven three-wheeled motorcycles should be cleaned by removing the chain; belt-driven three-wheeled motorcycles should be removed for cleaning.

    2. Cleaning carburetor, air filter, fuel switch.

    3. Remove the carbon deposit on the spark plug, and check and adjust the electrode gap.

    4. Check the whole car cable connector contact is good.

    5. Check and adjust the free stroke of the clutch grip, throttle handle, brake grip or pedal, and add lubricant to the control cable.

    6. Lubricate the speedometer and tachometer shaft with grease.

    7. Change the oil.


  • It is important to check the various functional systems of electric vehicles

    What is certain is that pure electric vehicles are certainly easier to maintain than fuel vehicles. In addition to some hardware that must be replaced within a certain period of time, it is more important to check the various functional systems of the vehicle.
    The first is the inspection of the power system. Like the fuel vehicle, only after inspection can we avoid some hidden dangers. Only in this way can we know where to replace, but the inspection of the electric vehicle may be complicated. It is necessary to check some socket connectors and the insulation protection of the line.

    In addition to the power system, the battery as an important part of the electric vehicle is also inspected carefully during the maintenance, and usually in the 4S shop will have professional equipment, you can very accurately check the state of the battery cell.

    In other respects, the structure of pure electric vehicles and fuel vehicles is not very different, so components like air-conditioning filters need to be inspected and replaced as appropriate.

    Although pure electric vehicles do not have an engine, their batteries and motors are also required to be cooled and cooled by the addition of coolant. In addition to checking the coolant level during maintenance, it is also necessary to conduct freezing tests, especially in the near future. Enter the maintenance before winter.

    The inspection and replacement of brake fluid and glass water should also be noted during maintenance. This is also true for pure electric vehicles and for fuel vehicles.

    Pure electric vehicles also have gear sets similar to those of fuel vehicles. Therefore, gear oils are also inspected and replaced during maintenance. The gear oil used in pure electric vehicles is similar to that of fuel oil vehicles, but the labels are different.


  • What is the core part of electric bikes?

    For electric bikes, there is also a crucial "three big things", that is, we often hear the three electric system, which is the core part of electric bikes, including batteries, motors and electronic control systems. And here, the consumer is most familiar with the battery.

    The survey shows that the first factor consumers consider when purchasing an electric bike is battery life, followed by performance, design, and other factors. It is not difficult to understand that every time a new bike is listed, the electric bike company is the first to mark out the cruising range, but whether the electric bike is good or not is not the final mileage.

    For an electric bike, the battery is equivalent to a fuel tank in a conventional bike. As long as the load is driven by electricity, the greater the capacity of the battery, the stronger the battery life. Some electric bike companies achieved the effect of current expansion by increasing the battery size and the number of batteries, but with more body structure, the more batteries meant more physical space, and the electric bike's drag coefficient increased by 0.01 cd each time. The mileage will be reduced by more than 5 kilometers. Secondly, the battery weight is also an important factor that restricts the battery capacity.

    When we talk about batteries, there are actually several important performance indicators. The more common ones are voltage, energy density, and power.