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,We manufacturer variety of motorcycles,electric bikes,auto parts,garden equipments,and other products.
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Our company is located in 104 highway, Daixi Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where is 1 hour away from Hangzhou, 2 hours away from Nanjing, and 2.5 hours away from Shanghai. Our company has more than 500 employees, including 76 technicians and engineers. Our factory covers an area of 110,000 square meters, with 80,000 square meters of production area. We are equipped with 400 different kinds of specific devices with strong technical development ability, and quality control ability.

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  • Motorcycles often use multiple friction plates that overlap each other

    A clutch is a device that cuts off power between the engine and the speed reducer, and sometimes connects power, and transmits power by friction. For example, some motorcycles use a "single-plate clutch." The working principle is that the gear that rotates synchronously with the engine presses the friction plate connected to the speed reducer to transmit power, and when the friction wiper is released, the power transmission stops.

    In the winter morning, it is often difficult to drive a car, low gears, and shifting gears. These are all related to the clutch, not the clutch or the transmission is broken. The wet multi-plate clutch of most motorcycle devices has a longer time for the clutch plate to be in the cold oil, and the cold oil has higher viscosity and lower fluidity, which causes the clutch to not normally cut off the power, but it can be solved by the warm car. Kind of things happen.

    Motorcycles often use multiple friction plates that overlap each other and are called "multi-plate clutches." The number of friction plates is large, but the principle is the same as that of the single-plate clutch. The friction plates are pressed together by the force of the spring, and the power is transmitted by friction. The high-speed and high-torque engine of the motorcycle is used. Multiple friction plates reduce the clutch clearance and save space for the motorcycles that are limited by themselves. This is the most suitable way.

    The multi-plate clutch is further divided into a plurality of wet clutches and a plurality of dry clutches. The wet clutch bubble is cooled in the oil, so the heat dissipation and wear resistance are better, and the operation can be smooth in the semi-clutch state, because the friction plate is immersed in the oil, the resistance is large and the power is not easily broken.

    In contrast, the dry clutch has less resistance and is easy to disconnect the power, but the heat dissipation and wear resistance are not very satisfactory, and the noise is also relatively large without the oil. Therefore, dry clutches are only used in racing cars and some high performance models that pay special attention to performance. Most motorcycles are more durable and have a durable wet clutch.

  • Motorcycle brakes are different from cars

    Motorcycle brakes are very different from cars. For beginners, mastering the brakes is a difficult point. If the brakes are too strong, there will be accidents. The brakes are too soft and dangerous. We must control the overall strength, we must make advance predictions, pre-judgment accuracy, and the braking force can be controlled. After all, for motorcycles, safety brakes are the most critical.

    Motorcycle brakes need to pay attention to many situations. One is the difference in vehicle performance, one brake method is different, individual brake habits and skills are different, road conditions are different, vehicle speed is different, etc. These are the key factors affecting the brake effect, only There can be more or less, so the pre-judgment of the brakes is actually a comprehensive pre-judgment that requires various factors. This pre-judgment has a time limit and must be fast, otherwise the brakes are too late and dangerous.

    In order to better grasp the braking force and achieve the best braking effect, we need to know a few points:

    You have to know that the front wheel brakes are more efficient and safer than the rear wheel brakes. Braking while driving, the rear wheels can't give you enough friction to stop you faster, but the front wheels can. Because the use of the front brake during driving will transform the forward inertia of the car into a downward force. At this time, the front wheel will get more friction than the rear wheel, thus stopping faster. The speed is a little faster, and the rear brakes will force the rear wheels to lock and produce a side slip, while the front wheels will not lock up.

  • Pay attention to the tire specifications of motorcycle

    Tire specifications:

    Qualified tires are marked with specifications, maximum load, inflated internal pressure, standard rim and trademark name and direction. For example, the tire is marked with the specification 90/90—18 51S, wherein the first 90 indicates a width of 90 mm; the “/” after 90 indicates the flatness ratio (%), that is, the height is 90% of the width; after “—” 18 indicates that the inner diameter of the tire is 18 inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), and some tires are not marked with a flat ratio, indicating that the flat ratio is 100%, that is, the width is equal to the height.

    Shock absorbers: Common types of front shock absorbers are “upright” and “inverted”, and this kind of shock absorption can be collectively called “periscope” damping system. This system is also mainstream now. Used by motorcycles.

    Handle form:

    Separate handlebars: Generally used in racing cars, it is easier to modify and replace.

    One-piece handlebars: Most of the vehicles are all-in-one handlebars with a simple structure.

    Antilock brake system (ABS), when braking, automatically controls the braking force of the brakes, so that the wheels are not locked, and the side is rolled and slipped to ensure the maximum adhesion between the wheels and the ground. The value is effective to prevent side slip caused by sudden braking.

    Traction Control System (TC): When the output of the engine breaks through the limit of the tire grip, the traction control system will detect that the rear wheel starts to idle and then reduce the engine's power output, so that the rear wheel stops spinning and slipping.

  • Different types of Motorcycle Frames

    The backbone frame: There are two types, one is to directly hang the engine and other components under the main beam, called the backbone hanging frame. There is also a type that bends the frame between the front steering column and the seat to form a space for getting on and off and storing items. It is also the type of frame used in common curved beam vehicles.

    Cradle frame: An engine-loading platform has been added to the backbone frame to allow the engine to "lie" in the arms of the frame. The rigidity of the engine bracket with two steel beams is called a double cradle. The cradle frame has greater strength and rigidity, and is more stable during frequent acceleration and braking.

    Jumper frame: It is an advanced version of the spine frame. It uses the rigidity of the engine itself and is directly connected to the frame through the anchor point on the engine. It acts as a part of the frame and takes on some supporting effects.

    Diamond frame: Because the overall shape resembles a cut diamond, this frame is called a diamond frame. Compared to the cradle frame, the diamond frame is strengthened in the lateral support force. More common.

    Steel tube woven frame: The steel tubes are welded together in a triangular structure, providing excellent support and stability, and almost no deformation during rapid cornering.

    Biped beam frame: The current mainstream form of sports car and performance vehicle. Compared with steel pipe woven frame, the double wing beam replaces the woven steel pipe with two high-strength stamping plates, and the cost and technical requirements are relatively large.