What are the advantages of electric barrows

Update:06 May, 2020
Summary:Electric barrow has been widely used in current engineering construction, and has replaced a lot of ...

Electric barrow has been widely used in current engineering construction, and has replaced a lot of heavy human labor, which is a major progress for construction enterprises.


The electric barrow on the construction site is a transportation tool for pulling goods or pulling people powered by a battery and a motor; electricity is an important energy source that is environmentally friendly, clean, and has a high conversion rate. Renewal, promotion of low-carbon development in the transportation industry, reduction of transportation costs, energy saving, and environmental protection are one of the important topics of research in various countries in the world. After decades of development, they have been applied to urban buses, electric barrow in factories and mines , Electric city sanitation cleaning vehicles, engineering, tunnels, special vehicles for subway construction and many other fields. The electric ash bucket truck has the advantages of strong applicability, flexible maneuverability, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, low price, etc., and can flexibly walk through narrow roads.


Advantages of electric barrows on site:

1. The front-end welding adopts full-order mold forming, adopts a full set of high-precision process equipment to ensure product accuracy and quality, and has advanced equipment to ensure powerful; the overall shape is simple and atmospheric;


2. The optimized rear axle, the reasonable speed ratio design and the power system are carefully matched, the gear shift is smooth, and the harmonious unification of power and economy is achieved;


3. 3mm weighted frame, double-layer internal and external beam structure, strong bearing capacity, three-level thickened oil roof, to meet various working conditions;


4. The brake system can be equipped with vacuum power and machinery to make braking more reliable and labor-saving.

5. The car is beautiful and dexterous, the body structure is reasonable and compact, and the control combination components are used. It is convenient and flexible to operate, stable and reliable, and can enter the elevator.


6. This car is switched to manual self-unloading, and it can be dumped at the designated place once to bid farewell to the traditional time-consuming and labor-intensive troubles of unloading bricks. It can be easily operated by one person, which greatly improves work efficiency.


7. Adopt special battery as power, motor drive without noise, vibration and pollution. It can work for about 10 hours on a single charge, has a strong climbing ability, and can continue to operate on uneven roads, which is very suitable for use on construction sites.


The electric barrow for construction site is designed according to the characteristics of construction and transportation. It can enter elevators and small places. It is a transportation vehicle that uses electricity to operate. It uses a battery as a power source. It is equipped with a high-performance traction battery. 12 hours, the battery capacity will not be reduced within two years of normal use. The electric barrows are simple to operate and easy to use, and are much lighter than internal combustion vehicles. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are controlled by electrical signals, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. Improve the stability and reliability of safe transportation.