What are the specific types of motorcycle exhaust

Update:27 Apr, 2020
Summary:The exhaust of motorcycles is various, and the modification of exhaust is an important part of motor...

The exhaust of motorcycles is various, and the modification of exhaust is an important part of motorcycle modification. Many people who love to modify are often the first to modify the motorcycle  exhaust. The modification of exhaust is not only for appearance, but also for the change of sound and a little power . There are many types of exhaust, including back pressure, straight row, semi-straight row, and even variable valve exhaust.


Let ’s talk about the back-pressure exhaust first: This type of exhaust is the most common. Many car original exhausts are the same. Why do the original exhausts choose back pressure? The main reasons are: 1. Mute, the country ’s exhaust The noise decibels emitted have specified values, which should not be too high and disturb the people. 2 Pollution. Similarly, the country also has strict emission standards for pollutants emitted by exhaust gas. The use of back-pressure exhaust not only makes it easier to achieve emission standards, but also achieves a very quiet effect.


Because there is a muffler inside the back pressure exhaust pipe (some of which are multi-stage adjustable), the presence of the muffler can change the volume of the exhaust pipe circuit. During the exhaust process, due to the lack of smoothness, some exhaust gas will return to form the back pressure in the pipe Can effectively improve the combustion of mixed gas. The exhaust is divided into the front section, the middle section and the tail section. Part of the back pressure exhaust interruption has a large back pressure package, which makes the mute effect better and can also slightly improve the low twist.


After talking about the back pressure, we are talking about straight exhaust, and the entire exhaust is like a big chimney, which is "wearing" at a glance. The entire exhaust is straight-through, which allows the exhaust to be discharged more smoothly without hindrance, improving exhaust efficiency, and then slightly increasing the speed. However, the noise of the straight row is large, and the emission is not environmentally friendly, which is easy to attract the attention of passers-by or the police. In general, this kind of straight row is mostly used for track vehicles. The loudly heard small pedals on the street that we hear on the street, imitation racing cars of various brands, etc. are all such exhausts. Of course, the original exhaust of Harley is also straight. of.


Finally, let ’s talk about variable valve exhaust. In the early days, this kind of exhaust almost did not exist. It has gradually increased in recent years, but it is really used in motorcycles. Many auto parts cities often modify this type of car. Change the valve exhaust. This exhaust pipe controls the exhaust through the valve, and you can choose different exhaust passages. This has the advantage of allowing the exhaust to switch back and forth in a silent and furious state.