Detailed differentiation and introduction of motorcycle frame

Update:11 May, 2020
Summary:If the engine is the heart of a motorcycle, then the motorcycle frame should be the skeleton for a m...

If the engine is the heart of a motorcycle, then the motorcycle frame should be the skeleton for a motorcycle. Whether a car is strong depends on the engine, but a car is stable and unsteady. Then you have to look at the design of the frame. The most critical thing about a car's riding experience and stability is the frame. In the following, we will talk about the frame.


1. Single tube triangular hard tail cradle frame


This is a relatively old type of motorcycle frame. At present, few cars are used, but old-style motorcycles in Europe and America have always insisted on this frame. The advantage can only be said that the manufacture is particularly simple, so the shortcoming is the frame Insufficient rigidity and poor comfort (because the rear wheel rocker arm has no suspension system), this frame is only suitable for low-speed driving.

2. Single tube triangular hard tail cradle frame


This kind of motorcycle frame is relatively easy to understand. The double steel tube extends from the front to the rear. Surrounding the four corners of the left and right engines, this frame makes up for the shortcomings of the single-tube cradle frame, improving the overall strength without increasing the production. Cost, but the weight is heavier, the engine installation is cumbersome and there are many connection points between the frame and the engine, which is easy to produce the so-called resonance zone!


3. Half double cradle steel tube frame


This frame combines the advantages of a single cradle frame and a double cradle frame. The single tube is used where it does not require much rigidity, and the double tube is used where it requires high rigidity. The advantage is that it is heavier than the double cradle frame. The frame strength is increased under light conditions, and the structure is more compact. The frame is mainly used for motorcycles that require high speed, high rigidity, and light weight, such as off-road motorcycles, climbing cars, and some street cars.

4. Diamond steel tube frame


Diamond steel tube frame (also has aluminum alloy). The difference between this frame and the cradle frame is that it has no base. The cradle frame mainly supports the engine, and the diamond frame hangs the engine. A popular frame for cars and small-displacement sports cars.


The diamond steel frame is high in strength and further reduced in weight, because the design of the diamond frame is to increase the rigidity of the engine as a part of the frame. The overall weight of the engine is downward, mainly fixed at three angles: front, rear, top and top of the engine The engine and the frame are not fixed to the bottom of the engine. In this way, resonance can be greatly reduced. Secondly, it conforms to the principle of trigonometric mechanics. Thirdly, the center of gravity of the engine is better, which improves high-speed performance and handling performance.


5. Truss


The truss can also be called (lattice frame). This type of frame is generally not used by manufacturers, but it is not to be said. The main design of this type of frame is to ensure light weight and high axial strength. (Also called lateral rigidity) He is also a type of diamond frame, but the axial rigidity of the double-tube or single-tube diamond frame is not as strong as this. It is more suitable for rally cars. It has better adaptability to complex road conditions, although sports cars also have Many of these frames (such as Ducati) are actually not as rigid as aluminum alloy frames at high speeds.


6. Single shell frame


The single-shell frame uses fewer types of frames and is only suitable for large displacement. It is not so much a frame as one of the engine accessories.

7. Aluminum alloy double beam diamond frame


The aluminum alloy double-beam diamond frame is also called the aluminum alloy double-wing beam frame. He is also a type of diamond frame. It is mainly used in large-displacement inline four-cylinders in Japan. Because the inline four-cylinder is too wide, the single-beam frame The strength is not enough, and the single-shell frame cannot take into account the slightly smaller engine of 1000 or 600 and 400, so the mainstream sports cars are basically this kind of frame. There are also many aluminum alloy double-beam hoe frames for old sports cars. Can be regulated in this category.