Selection of Motorcycle Engine Type

Update:02 Nov, 2020
Summary:For a long time in the past, motorcycles can be regarded as a more popular mode of transportation, a...

For a long time in the past, motorcycles can be regarded as a more popular mode of transportation, and many friends still have a special liking for motorcycles. After all, the speed and sound of motorcycles are quite special, and their The price is also relatively affordable. Many friends will choose motorcycles as a means of transportation to and from get off work, which is very convenient for urban commuting. When we go to buy a motorcycle, we should all know that there are two types of motorcycle engines: chain and ejector. So which one is better? Many people don't pay attention when buying a motorcycle.

First, let's take a look at the construction principles of the two

The working principle of the ejector rod engine is to transmit the power of the motorcycle through the transmission between the gears, so the torque is very large, and the chain engine has a large difference in torque due to the limitation of space. , And not as active as the ejector engine. In terms of practicality, the ejector engine is a bit stronger. After all, under some special circumstances, the engine can be stretched easily even in special sections. Therefore, the advantage of the ejector engine is very obvious. With such a strong influence, the driver can experience the driving experience well.



However, the ejector engine is not without its shortcomings. Since gears are used, the noise that can be emitted when the engine is started is of course very loud. Such noise will of course leave a very bad effect on the driver. , Distract the driver. Compared with the chain engine, the sound of the chain engine is almost zero when the engine is started. It is very quiet and makes people feel very comfortable.

From the perspective of maintenance cost, although the chain engine is quiet, the failure rate is high, and the maintenance cost is relatively expensive. If it is some high-performance motorcycles, I suggest that you still use the ejector engine, but if you buy one For ordinary family motorcycles, the chain engine is definitely the best choice because it is comfortable and quiet to drive.

Therefore, through the above comparison, we can draw a good conclusion that if you like to have a good driving experience in a quiet environment, then choosing a chain engine is the best choice. If some friends like racing, especially For young people, the best thing is to choose the ejector engine. The ejector engine is very powerful in terms of power and operation. However, which engine to choose depends on the actual situation of each person, and it is best to choose the engine that you are satisfied with.