Reasons for the lack of fuel when the scooter goes uphill

Update:10 Nov, 2020
Summary:The inability to supply oil when the scooter goes uphill is a common problem of scooter. So what is ...

The inability to supply oil when the scooter goes uphill is a common problem of scooter. So what is the cause of the failure when this happens? Today we will analyze it together.

In fact, if you feel that the power of the engine is sufficient (you can know from the sound of the engine) and the climbing is weak when climbing a hill, then there is a problem with the transmission mechanism. The scooter is belt-driven, and it may be that the drive disc is worn and the Pulizhu is worn. , Belt fatigue and lengthening, automatic clutch wear and other factors cause slipping, so you will feel weak climbing, and these factors will also cause the second point of flat road to increase the load and drive or accelerate instantaneously!



If it is felt that only the engine is weak and the climbing is weak when climbing, then the main problem is to check the engine. First, check whether the air filter is dirty, whether the fuel supply system is normal, whether the high pressure is strong, and whether the engine compression is strong. Whether the fire position is accurate and whether the valve clearance is normal!

If you go to some small petrol stations to refuel, it is likely that the gasoline you added is of poor quality and contains moisture. Generally, there is a screw on the carburetor that puts the gasoline at the bottom of the carburetor. Just loosen this screw. Release some gasoline, mainly to drain the water inside, it should be no problem. If you can’t do it yourself, go to the repairing place and ask the repairer for help.

Another aspect worth noting is the mechanical components, such as whether the brake system is normal, whether there is a brake phenomenon, whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the throttle cable is rusted and the angle of rotation is reduced, etc.