How should the motorcycle brake at high speed

Update:26 Oct, 2020
Summary:Don't think that the motorcycle brake is a simple action. The consequences of improper operation may...

Don't think that the motorcycle brake is a simple action. The consequences of improper operation may hinder the smoothness of driving, and at the same time, it is the tragic situation of people turning on their backs.

To answer this question, we must first understand the braking principle of motorcycles. Most motorcycles are disc brakes, also called disc brakes. The working principle of the disc brake system is to install a disc that rotates synchronously with the wheel on the hub, and the front A caliper is installed on the fork and the frame, and then the disc is clamped by the brake block in the caliper to achieve the effect of braking.

At high speeds, if you want to brake and slow down, remember not to step on the brakes. The motorcycle may be thrown out. Personally, the best way is to apply the front brakes and step on the rear brakes at the same time, but do not step on the brakes and keep your body Balance, when the vehicle speed is controlled, the engine can be used to brake by lowering the gear. In fact, motorcycles are a relatively dangerous means of transportation compared to cars, so it is important to drive in a safe speed range.



Finally, I advise the majority of motorcyclists, safety first, and don’t ride at high speed without special circumstances. If you ride too fast, ABS, E or P are useless, and you have to talk about how to brake, front and rear ratio, and slip or loose brake. It is carried out in a high-speed straight line state, but it is not an emergency that can calmly stop the motorcycle for tens of meters or hundreds of meters under a high-speed straight line. Most of the emergency situations refer to emergencies in the straight line that require emergency avoidance and must adjust the direction. , When you adjust the direction, you must not brake quickly. Any empty theory will cause the consequences of swinging, flicking, and overturning. After that, it depends on luck.

If you want to drive safely all the time, the most important thing is to control the speed. The advantage of motorcycles in emergencies is to avoid them. Usually practice more in an environment where no one has a car, and be familiar with the braking force, center of gravity, position, braking distance of different speeds, and the stability limit point of the handlebar at different speeds. If you can’t master these, drive honestly at a moderate speed, improve your predictive ability, and stay away from sources of danger at all times. I wish all Mo friends a safe journey forever.