Why is it easy to leak oil after a motorcycle falls


Friends who often ride motorcycles believe that it is e […]

Friends who often ride motorcycles believe that it is easy to encounter such a situation: when the motorcycle falls down, the gasoline immediately overflows, and some are not even a little bit!


So, why is it easy to leak oil after a motorcycle falls?


The first situation: It is normal for the carburetor motorcycle to fall and leak oil, because the motorcycle carburetor always maintains a liquid level in the float chamber at ordinary times. If the vehicle falls, the liquid level will increase and it will Fuel flows out of the carburetor return pipe.


Because the carburetor motorcycle is fueled by gravity, the float in the float chamber links the switch to control the amount of gasoline entering the carburetor. If the switch fails, the gasoline will continue to enter the carburetor under the action of gravity, and then flow into the engine. The air port and the air filter, therefore, design such a spill pipe, when the float switch fails and cannot be closed, the excess gasoline is discharged through the pipe under the carburetor.



Motorcycle fuel tank switch. From here, there is a fuel pipe connected to the gasoline filter, and then another fuel pipe under the gasoline filter is connected to the carburetor. These two fuel pipes may fall off and cause oil leakage. However, if the road surface is smooth after a fall, this possibility is not high, so the most likely reason is that the carburetor leaked.


In the second case, fuel may flow out of the fuel tank cap. This phenomenon generally occurs on motorcycles that have replaced the fuel tank cap. If it is the original car, it will only flow out a little bit because there are vents on the fuel tank cap.


Therefore, it is normal for the fuel to flow out of the motorcycle when it falls. Generally, there is no need to deal with it. You only need to lift the motorcycle and push it to a place where there is no fuel to start the vehicle to continue riding.



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