The main differences between EFI motorcycles and carburettor motorcycles

Update:08 Dec, 2020
Summary:1. Why are EFI motorcycles more expensive? First, EFI motorcycles are the product of technological p...

1. Why are EFI motorcycles more expensive?

First, EFI motorcycles are the product of technological progress and environmental protection. Technological progress means higher costs. Therefore, EFI motorcycles are more expensive. The most important factor is the increase in the cost of manufacturers. The main difference between an electric injection motorcycle and a carburetor motorcycle is the fuel supply system. The electronic injection system is mainly composed of ECU, sensors, actuators and other related components. The exhaust system is also different from the traditional carburettor models. It must have a three-way catalyst inside. Only in this way can the exhaust emission standards meet environmental protection requirements. The superposition of these components will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of EFI motorcycles.

When the cost rises, the actual price of EFI motorcycles is higher than that of carburetor motorcycles. Of course, this is not just a difference in EFI systems, but also differences in other models due to changes in configuration after the upgrade, but anyway, The cost of EFI motorcycles accounts for a large part. With such a change, the price of EFI motorcycles will definitely be higher

2. Are EFI motorcycles really better than carburettor motorcycles?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to briefly understand how the electronic fuel injection system works. Compared with the traditional carburetor models, the fuel supply mode of the electronic fuel injection system has changed from the traditional passive to the precise active, which means , The working mode of this system does not only rely on the suction of the engine itself, but also forces the fuel into the cylinder through the pressure of the system itself. Regardless of how external factors change, the main fuel supply of a conventional carburetor depends on the throttle opening, while the electronic injection system is different. It also combines the engine temperature and speed, and then matches the throttle according to the system's pre-set data. The size of the opening controls the fuel entering the cylinder, so in a sense, under the same conditions, the electronic injection system will enter less fuel into the cylinder.



The most direct impact of this difference is that the fuel consumption performance of the two types of motorcycles will be completely different. The EFI series will be more fuel-efficient because of the precise fuel supply, because its working mode will no longer only change at any time, and the carburetor is a fool. The style of work obviously does not have this ability, so in terms of fuel consumption performance, EFI motorcycles are generally better than carburettor models. In addition, the electronic fuel injection system will also have a significant anti-high reaction effect on motorcycles. In high altitude areas, due to the thin air, any kind of internal combustion engine will have altitude sickness, especially for carburetor motorcycles, which will be very obvious. Insufficient combustion easily occurs.

However, because the EFI system can adjust the mixing ratio by itself, it can relatively reduce or resist high reaction. Of course, it is impossible for EFI models to be completely free from high reaction. After all, the oxygen content in the air has changed, and you cannot supply oxygen to the engine no matter how smart you are , So compared with carburetor models, it is only an anti-high reaction. Do EFI motorcycles have any advantages besides the above two points? For example, the exhaust emissions mentioned above will be more environmentally friendly, and the low temperature starting performance of the EFI system is also unmatched by carburetor motorcycles. In many places with higher altitudes or colder places, the start of motorcycles is a big problem after entering the winter. , But EFI motorcycles can basically be triggered on the fly without you needing to use some strange devices.

Now that the EFI motorcycle has so many advantages, does it mean that it must be better than the carburetor mode? In fact, this cannot be generalized. From the perspective of the general environment, EFI motorcycles are definitely better than carburetor cars, but for the ultimate players, carburetor cars will be more powerful, except for the carburetor itself. Factors, as well as the exhaust system, because the simpler it is, the more direct it will be without any dragging effect. Everyone knows that carburetor motorcycles can give as much fuel as they can. There will never be a price reduction, because the amount of fuel directly affects the explosive power of the engine, especially when the engine is running at high speed, a large amount of gasoline is easier to make the engine Out of control, this is one of the reasons why many riders love carburetor motorcycles.

In addition to the above factors, some car users also think that the maintenance of EFI motorcycles is too troublesome and the failure rate is high. However, for mainstream EFI motorcycles, in actual operation, their failure probability is not great. , And maintenance is not too laborious. However, the probability of failure of the EFI system for some brand-name cars or non-mainstream cars is definitely relatively high, and because the maintenance knowledge of the EFI system has not been popularized, it will be difficult for some masters to repair it, but this is not The problem of EFI system itself is the problem of industry development and model quality

All in all, the general price of EFI motorcycles is higher than that of carburetor models, mainly because of the increase in cost, and the performance of EFI motorcycles is better than that of carburetor models, but this is only in terms of focusing on environmental protection and saving fuel. If you simply say that the motorcycle’s power performance does not consider other factors, it is obvious that the carburetor model will be more powerful, and it does not rule out the feature of its later maintenance. Although the carburetor motorcycle has become a thing of the past, The environment is the protagonist of the future, so appreciate its advantages and tolerate its shortcomings.