Single Wheel Carrier

Update:22 Nov, 2022
Summary:A single Wheel carrier is a useful piece of cargo equipment for a variety of applications. These car...
A single Wheel carrier is a useful piece of cargo equipment for a variety of applications. These carts are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and have a large load capacity. They also provide excellent stability. Whether you're hauling a single RV or several, a single Wheel carrier will make a great choice.
A single Wheel carrier can be installed easily and is the perfect cost-effective solution for commercial applications. They can be bolted directly to double-J bypass tracks, and are ideal for smooth ground. A single Wheel carrier is not recommended for residential use and is better suited for moderate weight applications. If you're looking for a more compact solution, consider a double-wheel carrier.
Single Wheel gate carriers are typically built by welding or bolting, and they have a smaller footprint than double-wheel carriers. While they're a more affordable solution, single-wheel carriers don't have the same convenience as a double-wheel gate carrier. Typically, they're used for commercial rolling gates, but aren't ideal for uneven ground.
The Swivelwheel Single Wheel RV Fifth Wheel Carrier is a safer way to tow your fifth wheel RV. This versatile carrier connects to a full-size pickup truck or RV's fifth wheel, allowing for easy towing and stability. The carrier features an 8" rear wheel with torsion suspension and friction to ensure a smooth ride.
It replaces the spare tyre mounted under the bumper, improving ground clearance and enabling better off-road ability. It also improves recovery with built-in jacking points. Gas struts and sealed bearings make this carrier extremely safe and secure. This single-wheel carrier is the perfect addition to any vehicle that needs to carry a spare tyre.