How to prevent the malfunction of motorcycle electric system

Update:21 Jul, 2021
Summary:Connecting terminals for electric wires are common in old motorcycles, and the connection state will...

Connecting terminals for electric wires are common in old motorcycles, and the connection state will gradually deteriorate according to the storage conditions of the motorcycle.

Corrosion, deterioration or pollution in the contact area between the terminals will cause current resistance and lead to damage. The heat generated by the resistance may also cause problems such as melting of the cable assembly connector. In the worst case, the wire will burn and the main circuit has to be replaced.

Therefore, this time I would like to introduce to you some tips that can reduce the burnout of the wiring harness due to its old age.

When the headlights are turned off, the headlights will flicker in a small range (on and off). At this time, remove the headlight bulb and clean the lamp holder with a wire brush. In addition, by coating some electronic contacts on the lamp holder The activator is used to strengthen the contact with the bulb. Remember that only a thin layer is enough, and do not apply a thick layer of grease.

After washing the motorcycle, we must not only wipe the external parts, but also perform irregular maintenance on the circuit. After removing each connector one by one, cleaning the terminals with a part cleaner, and applying a very small amount of electronic contact activator on the terminals, Take out and insert the connector several times, and finally wipe off the excess activator with a rag.

Electronic contact activator is a chemical agent that only needs to apply a small amount on the contact part of the terminal, and remove the surface dirt by removing and inserting the connector many times, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the conduction.

Copper powder lubricant was originally developed to prevent screw jamming and seizure. It is a heat-resistant lubricant made of copper powder. As long as it is applied to the bolts and contact surfaces of the wire harness, it can stabilize the current flow. .

The battery terminal is the most prone to corrosion. The loose screw on the terminal will reduce the current flow. Therefore, the screw is the first regular inspection item (re-tightening). It is recommended to apply paint on the contact point of the screw and the terminal when tightening the screw. The current stabilizer, after locking, wipe off the excess chemicals with a rag.

In many cases, the metal contacts at the bottom of the bulb will wear out due to long-term friction with the bulb base. If the gap becomes too large, it will lead to poor connection and reduced conductivity. At this time, just a little trimming with a file can improve the problem of poor contact.

Old motorcycles with a long history need more care and maintenance than new motorcycles, and the electric system is the part that needs careful inspection to solve the problem. I hope this brief introduction , Let everyone have a certain understanding of basic and commonly used electric system maintenance, so that you and your motorcycle can enjoy driving together for a long time in the future.