What is the difference between forged wheels and cast wheels

Update:27 Jul, 2021
Summary:Do you really know the value of forged wheels? What is casting? That is, after the metal is smelted ...

Do you really know the value of forged wheels?

What is casting?

That is, after the metal is smelted into a liquid, poured into the mold, and after it has cooled and solidified, the casting is taken out of the mold, and the taken out casting is called a blank and needs to be processed. Most of the cast materials are metals (such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc.), and the materials of the molds are mainly divided into three types: sand, metal and ceramics; they are often used to manufacture mechanical parts with complex shapes or under static load and compressive stress.

The price of cast wheels is more affordable.

·Advantages: low mold cost and high efficiency in manufacturing complex-shaped castings

·Disadvantages: Relative to forging, it is easy to have bubbles, and the strength of castings is low

What is forging?

It is to heat the metal blank to the ideal working temperature and apply external force to it to change its shape, density, mechanical properties and grain structure. According to the temperature zone of the workpiece during processing, it can be divided into three types: hot forging, warm forging and cold forging. It is often used to manufacture mechanical parts that bear relatively large dynamic loads.

When refitting a motorcycle, forged wheels are often the murderer of the owner's purse!

·Advantages: reduce bubbles and change grain structure due to pressurization, and forgings have higher strength

·Disadvantages: Due to the high mold cost, it is not suitable for small-volume production, the manufacturing process is complicated, and the shape complexity is limited

Why is wheel forging better than casting?

Having said so much, there must always be a decent reason to lose the house and persuade a large number of children in the wallet to run away!

Because forgings have higher strength and density and can withstand higher stresses, compared with cast wheels with the same rigidity, forged wheels are lighter in weight. The advantages of lightweight wheels are as follows:

·Reduce the energy consumption of the engine transmitted to the rear wheels, thereby improving the acceleration performance

·Reduce unsprung mass, better suspension response, improved road quality, and improved braking performance

·Because the wheel hub is lightweight and uniform in mass distribution, the gyro effect of the wheel set is reduced and the handling performance of the motorcycle is improved

Summary: As long as there is enough silver, there is no reason to be unbeaten with two forged wheels with gleaming gold and aura.