How to choose scooter oil

Update:16 Nov, 2020
Summary:As we all know, no matter what kind of car's engine, it needs to use oil. Engine oil is very importa...

As we all know, no matter what kind of car's engine, it needs to use oil. Engine oil is very important for car maintenance, so for the engine, it is also very important to choose the right engine oil. It does not mean that any kind of engine oil can be used in the engine. It must meet the needs of the engine, otherwise it will not be able to Play a maintenance role. Although a scooter is not a car, it also uses an engine, so many people ask, how to choose the oil for a pedal engine? In fact, this problem is very easy to solve.

First, if your scooter has just been bought and is still in the running-in period, it is best to use ordinary mineral oil. Because the cycle of changing the engine oil when the motorcycle is in the running-in period is relatively short, the use of other engine oil will be more wasteful.



Second, if the scooter has passed the running-in period and is used more frequently, then it is more suitable to use fully synthetic lubricants. Although the price of this lubricant is more expensive than other lubricants, in the long run, it can better protect the vehicle and avoid frequent repairs in the future.

In addition, the selection of engine oil is also closely related to the environment of the vehicle. Considering that different engine oils will have different optimum operating temperature ranges. Therefore, when the vehicle you are driving is in the optimal temperature range of the oil for a long time, the value of this oil can be maximized. However, if improper engine oil is used, not only the value of the engine oil itself will not be able to be used, but also the vehicle will not be well maintained.

In general, the choice of engine oil has a great relationship with the replacement cycle and use temperature, so when everyone chooses engine oil, it is not only the expensive one that is good. As long as we can find an oil that meets both its replacement cycle and its operating temperature, no matter its price is high or low, this oil is the best choice for your scooter.