How to avoid accidents on motorcycle riding

Update:13 Oct, 2020
Summary:Because of its flexible operation, compact size, and easy handling, motorcycles have become a regula...

Because of its flexible operation, compact size, and easy handling, motorcycles have become a regular means of transportation for many people to travel. Although there are many advantages of motorcycle travel, the safety factor of motorcycles basically depends on our technology and riding awareness; this is basically the case when looking at most motorcycle accidents on the road.

How to avoid accidents on the road?

Motorcycles do not have car safety due to their structural characteristics (the car has a package for the drivers and passengers); then under this condition, the rider needs to wear protective gear and use the protective gear as the outer armor of the body.

Helmets are indispensable; many people ride two-wheeled electric bicycles before riding motorcycles, and they don’t have the habit of wearing helmets. After switching to motorcycles, they always feel that they wear helmets too heavy, cover them in panic, and leave the motorcycle. It is not convenient to carry, so do not wear it. But correspondingly, helmets can protect the lives of riders, especially to prevent head shocks. After all, many accidents are caused by bad helmets or failure to wear them. The helmet selection must have 3C certification, protection strength: full helmet> visor helmet> three-quarter helmet> half helmet, the full helmet is preferred; one more thing, the helmet should be worn in the correct way, and the helmet size must be selected Suitable. In order to ensure safety, it is best to choose mainstream big-name helmets, especially those used for electric bicycles as little as possible, because the safety standard coefficients are different; it is best not to use sunglasses for helmet goggles at night, which may cause blind spots.



Protective gear and cycling clothes; if you are commuting in the city, basically the protective gear is fine, with CE certification, it mainly protects the knee and elbow knee pads; the leg knee pads are generally divided into lengths, this It depends on your choice. I personally recommend choosing long knee pads, which will protect the face bone of the calf. Cycling clothing is more comprehensive than knee pads. This includes protection of the back, shoulders, and hips, and it fits better with the body. Of course, the big-name cycling clothing itself is more handsome.

The role of gloves, gloves, in addition to protecting the hand skin abrasions and finger bumps after a motorcycle crash, the more important thing is to prevent slippage; prevent the grip from slipping due to hand sweat. The choice of gloves is three points: the size is appropriate, and they will not be loose or taut after wearing; wear-resistant, the shock-absorbing block and key parts of the glove can protect the hand in place; flexible, flexible finger operation after wearing, mainly depends on the material, avoid Tough.

Cycling shoes are recommended if possible; especially those who often run mountain; high-top is a must, of course, other sports high-top sneakers are also available, but there is definitely no cycling shoes for the protection of footsteps after a crash More in place.

In summary, motorcycle helmets are essential safety equipment. Urban cycling protective gear and jerseys can be used; cycling clothes + cycling shoes are the best choice for mountain or long-distance riding, with comprehensive protection and rich functionality (waterproof, windproof, warmth, etc.) ;