Replacement frequency of motorcycle oil

Update:09 Oct, 2020
Summary:The replacement of motorcycle lubricants mainly depends on the number of kilometers traveled, freque...

The replacement of motorcycle lubricants mainly depends on the number of kilometers traveled, frequency of use and time of addition. As long as we comprehensively consider these three factors, the replacement of the later lubricating oil can achieve its due effect. Otherwise, there may be waste and some adverse effects on the engine.

For motorcycles that are not frequently used, they may not run many kilometers in a year. At this time, if you blindly pay attention to the number of kilometers to replace the lubricating oil standard, the oil quality will not meet the engine lubrication needs.

After the oil is added to the engine, it will undergo a deterioration process, and the frequently used motorcycles can reach the replacement standard before the oil deteriorates. After all, the kilometers meter will record the driving data of the vehicle.

However, motorcycles that are used occasionally will have a phenomenon that the engine oil has deteriorated after the mileage has not reached the replacement requirement. At this time, we need to consider the time of adding oil instead of just relying on the number of kilometers traveled.



Under normal circumstances, no matter what grade of engine oil you use, after opening the engine and adding it to the engine, its useful life is up to half a year. Therefore, motorcycles with relatively low frequency of use must be replaced twice a year. Only in this way can the lubricant be replaced. The purpose of maintaining the vehicle.

In view of this situation, there is no need to choose fully synthetic lubricants for motorcycles that are not frequently used. It is fine to use more affordable semi-synthetic or mineral oils, because under the premise of low frequency of use, fully synthetic lubricants Performance simply cannot be played out, it can only cause waste.

On the contrary, the shorter replacement cycle and relatively low price of mineral lubricating oil will make it easier to highlight the cost-effectiveness. Of course, some high-end models should still choose a better oil. After all, maintenance quality is better than economical and practical for such models. more important.

From the above introduction, we can see that when replacing the lubricant on a motorcycle that is not frequently used, the main reference is the addition time. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit when changing the motorcycle oil, while recording the number of kilometers traveled. Also mark the time of adding and the brand and level of the lubricant, so that you can make a good reference for changing the oil again.