Derusting and repairing method of motorcycle accessories


There are many motorcycle accessories, ranging from a w […]

There are many motorcycle accessories, ranging from a wheel to a screw, which are part of a motorcycle


Anti-corrosion method of iron oil tank:


Generally, the inner wall of the motorcycle fuel tank made of iron has been in contact with gasoline for many years. Because gasoline contains a certain amount of moisture and some corrosive substances, it can electrochemically react with iron. Over time, the fuel tank will slowly corrode and perforate. If a zinc skin (the casing of an ordinary dry battery) is placed in the fuel tank, because the chemical nature of zinc is relatively active, the electrochemical reaction that causes corrosion will no longer occur with iron but with zinc, which can effectively protect the fuel tank Not corroded.


This is like the zinc plates nailed on iron locks and the magnesium rods in electric water heaters that you usually see. They all use the activity of zinc and magnesium to protect iron. After the zinc skin is placed in the oil tank, everyone will find that the rust is greatly reduced when cleaning the oil tank.


The method of removing rust and clever removal of old decals for electroplated parts:

Electroplated parts (chrome or galvanized), if worn or eroded by water vapor, will rust to varying degrees. In severe cases, they will be rusty. It is difficult to remove them by general methods, which will affect the appearance and damage the parts. A rust removal method that does not corrode the coating and has a good effect.


The first step: first put ammonium acetate into the same amount of clean water, after fully dissolved, warm to about 70cC;


The second step: scrub the rusted parts with a soft cloth dipped in foot solution until the rust spots disappear; then use the cloth to wipe off the residual solution, and the electroplated parts will be as bright as before.


The third step: small parts can also be soaked in the solution for a while, and then dried after removal, the same effect can be achieved. Finally, wipe with a dry cloth lightly moistened with oil.


After the above treatment, the electroplated parts can not only restore the original gloss, but also remain unchanged for a long time. For the parts that are rusted due to the falling of the coating, this method can also remove the rust spots, but the unique gloss of the electroplated surface will not appear, It is a white powdery crystal and can be purchased in chemical stores.


Cleverly remove old decals


In the refurbishment and repair work of motorcycles, some body decals often become old and hairy, but it is difficult for you to peel it off. Here is a way to make the decals soaked in water for about 30 minutes to moisten them, then dip the drawing rubber with a little detergent solution, rub on the decals, and after a while, the decals and some dirt are rubbed into The strip fell. Then rinse the surface of the car with water.

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