Advantages of an Electric Lift Truck

Update:12 May, 2022
Summary:Whether you need to move heavy items in a warehouse or handle bulky goods in a warehouse, an Electri...

Whether you need to move heavy items in a warehouse or handle bulky goods in a warehouse, an Electric Lift Truck can make your job much easier. This versatile industrial equipment has numerous benefits, including zero emissions, top-tier performance, and reliable operation. If you're unsure about whether or not an Electric Lift Truck is right for your business, consult with a dealer to learn more. They will help you choose the best model for your needs and budget.

Although there are still many legitimate applications for a traditional ICE or lead acid battery, more operations are legitimate candidates for an Electric Lift Truck. While there are several advantages to an Electric Lift Truck, the up-front cost is the only consideration for most people. Choosing a dealership represents a specific brand, which means they have a vested interest in the product's performance. Used equipment, on the other hand, is often sold by companies with no knowledge of its repair history. They may not use OEM parts and offer multiple excuses when the product breaks down.

Aside from its clean air and environmental benefits, an Electric Lift Truck has numerous advantages. Because there are no moving parts, the noise and vibration levels produced by an Electric Lift Truck are much lower than those of an ICE lift truck. These factors reduce operator fatigue and safety. An Electric Lift Truck also has considerable cost advantages over the life of the unit. Batteries last longer than their ICE counterparts, reducing the cost of replacement parts and labor. It also reduces storage space requirements in most multishift applications. Electric Lift Trucks are environmentally friendly, and they can save you money on fuel costs and environmental impact.

One of the most significant technological advances in the Electric Lift Truck industry is the lithium-ion battery. While lead acid batteries have long dominated the electric forklift market, lithium-ion batteries are now the dominant battery type. In fact, almost one-quarter of Toyota's electric-powered forklift trucks feature lithium-ion battery technology. In addition to this, battery-powered forklifts are expected to increase in number and market share.

A Hyster Electric Lift Truck delivers strength, dependability, and energy efficiency. Designed for harsh environments, these trucks can increase uptime, reduce operating costs, and boost productivity. Whether you're looking for a smaller electric lift truck for the warehouse or a large electric forklift for the distribution center, the Hyster Electric Lift Truck can handle the job. In addition, Hyster Electric High Capacity Lift Trucks are equipped to handle any steel application.

As a bonus, an Electric Lift Truck also reduces emissions. Electric equipment does not produce any tailpipe emissions, which means less risk for your employees or the environment. In 2017, the U.S. consumed 20 million barrels of oil each day. Because fossil fuels are not renewable, their continued use will only increase gas prices, and your expenses will increase. A fuel-powered forklift can increase your costs by up to $1,500 over the life of its battery.