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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Corporation (HDZ), a private company

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Zhenhua Tech & Trade Co., Ltd is

China Motorcycles Suppliers,Electric Bikes and Agricultural Appliances Manufacturers

,We manufacturer variety of motorcycles,electric bikes,auto parts,garden equipments,and other products.

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Our company is located in 104 highway, Daixi Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where is 1 hour away from Hangzhou, 2 hours away from Nanjing, and 2.5 hours away from Shanghai. Our company has more than 500 employees, including 76 technicians and engineers. Our factory covers an area of 110,000 square meters, with 80,000 square meters of production area. We are equipped with 400 different kinds of specific devices with strong technical development ability, and quality control ability.

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  • Three misunderstandings in the electric bike industry

    Although consumers of electric bikes are users, they know very little about the structure, cost, and technology of electric bikes. Most of them are information that can be misleading, so they cannot buy electric cars that are as satisfying as possible.

    In fact, in the electric bikes industry, there have been three misunderstandings that have caused consumers to be confused. Today's big events have come one by one.

    First: The quality of electric bikes is similar, and the more expensive cars are, the more they earn.

    The more expensive the electric bikes is, the higher the cost is, and the cheaper the quality is, the worse it will be because these two types of cars face different consumer groups. Therefore, even if the same model is used, the configuration and quality will be very different. How much you earn is not related to price.

    Second: The electric bike seen on TV every day is a famous brand.

    Brand-name products are generally well-known, good quality, and good service, but some electric bikes manufacturers desperately advertise, but quality and service may not keep up. Therefore, it is more important to do a good job than advertising.

    Third: The farther and faster you run, the more powerful the electric bikes is a good car.

    The speed and power of electric bikes are mainly related to batteries, motors and controllers, but it does not mean that every electric bikes is a good car. This is mainly due to the importance of matching the three major components. For example, if a thin donkey pulls a 10-ton carriage, it can't move. In the same way, if a horse wants to run fast, it certainly does not run far, so don't expect speed and mileage to be both.

  • What is the highest maintenance component on a motorcycle?

    What is the highest maintenance component on a motorcycle? Despite the availability of final transmissions,for example,shafts and belt drives,chains and sprockets are still the most common way to deliver engine power to the rear wheels, thanks to simple design, cheap, lightweight and very efficient. The only drawback of the chain is that it stretches a little and needs constant adjustment to ensure maximum efficiency.

    There are a number of reasons to ensure that your chain is properly adjusted. The adjusted chain can provide about ninety percent of the actual engine power to the rear wheels, but if the chain is slack, this will decrease.

    A loose chain also harms the sprocket, and as a worse case, it even jumps out of the sprocket. Similarly, overly strained chains can cause damage, causing excessive pressure on sprocket and bearing. Tight or loose, an improperly-tightened chain can wear too much-and over time you'll be hard to beat in your wallet. Well-maintained chain stores can last tens of thousands of miles.

    Neglect may mean that they continue to be a small part. The chain should not be maintained until the maintenance time. It is worth adjusting the chain every 500 miles or so, which is essential to make sure your bike is running sweet. This is a delayed task for many drivers, but it will soon become second nature and five minutes of work after a regular finish. In addition to checking tyre pressure and oil level, the chain adjustment should be one of your core advance checks.

  • Pay attetion to the weak points of motorcycles

    The condition of the joints of the rear suspension of a motorcycle conditions handling.The periodic lubrication required usually requires disassembly of the system.For lack of this care, the bearings wear out and take inexorably play.

    Most of the rear suspensions include a return system whose joints use needle bearings. These bearings withstand heavy efforts, without excessive friction for a good sensitivity of the suspension.

    However, over time, joints can degrade, letting out the lubricant or enter abrasive particles. The wear of the bearings accelerates then and the movements of the rear wheel (increase of the games) are no longer precisely controlled by the shock absorber.

    Suspension joints, often neglected, are the weak point of many motorcycles. Their play is easily detected by relieving the rear wheel.

    If the game is non-existent or minute, it is necessary to disassemble to grease the bearings, prevention, every twenty thousand km or every four years.

  • Select the right type of motorcycle that will meet your needs

    How to choose the right type of motorcycle? It is a difficult question for most of us.There are hundreds of motorcycles in the International Motorcycle Exhibition.Many people are searching for their first motorcycle or replacing the old ones.

    Some people think that it is a plesasure to have at least a dozen motorcycles in their garages.However,most of them are always having troubles in selecting the right motocycles.

    The first stage involves selecting the right motorcycle category on the basis of some key factors. Our current priorities may have changed since we purchased our last motorcycle, so you have to reassess. Most of your rides are local day trips or long-distance cross-country trips? Do you often take passengers or not ride at all? Do you want to reach your destination in the quickest way possible, or do you prefer to step into the sights, sounds, and roads?

    Can your riding skills safely handle the current monster performance provided by some motorcycles? Did you have time to get up on you and you didn't feel comfortable when you bought a nine hundred pound motorcycle like the last one?

    It is critical for you to check all these factors if you want to select the right type of motorcycle that will meet your needs.