What is the role of motorcycle oil


In the daily maintenance of motorcycles, it is essentia […]

In the daily maintenance of motorcycles, it is essential for the rider to change the oil. Usually, the common understanding is the lubrication effect of the oil and the protection of the engine. They rarely understand other functions of oil. What is the function of engine oil?

1. Lubricate and reduce wear

When the engine is running, friction will occur between the piston and the cylinder and between the main shaft and the bearing bushing. If the friction is too great, it may lock up. At the same time, it will accelerate the wear of various parts to prevent the parts from wearing too fast. , An oil film must be established between the two friction surfaces. The oil film with sufficient thickness separates the surfaces of the opposed friction parts, thereby reducing the friction loss of the engine and prolonging the service life of the engine

2. Cool down

In addition to air cooling, water cooling and other methods to help cool the engine, the oil also provides a certain cooling effect. The engine generates high temperatures during operation. Engine oil can bring heat back to the fuel tank, and then dissipate into the air to help cool the engine.

3. Vibration reduction and cushioning

When the engine is running, contact force will be generated between the internal parts, and a certain impact force will be generated on the parts. This force will accelerate the aging of the parts. Liquid engine oil can disperse local impact and reduce vibration and vibration of parts. Impact load, delay the wear and aging of parts

4.Sealed and leak-proof

Oil can form a sealing ring between the piston ring and the piston to reduce gas leakage and prevent external contaminants from entering

5.Anti-rust and anti-corrosion

Lubricating oil can be adsorbed on the surface of the parts to form an oil film, thereby preventing water, air, acidic substances and harmful gases from contacting the parts, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing corrosion and rusting of metal parts.

6.Clean and clean

High-quality engine oil can circulate the carbon deposits, sludge and worn metal particles on the engine parts back to the bottom of the engine oil tank, and the flow of lubricating oil will wash the dirt on the working surface of the parts.


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