What is the difference between motorcycle ABS and CBS

Update:25 Jan, 2021
Summary:First of all these two systems, ABS is the wheel anti-lock system, and CBS is the brake linkage syst...

First of all these two systems, ABS is the wheel anti-lock system, and CBS is the brake linkage system.

Literally we can see the difference between these two systems, but at the same time we will also find that both systems are related to the motorcycle's brake system. So some people prefer to call these two systems the brake assist system.

Since they are all brake assist systems, the ultimate goal is to help the motorcycle improve the braking performance and avoid some undesirable factors.

As we all know, when the motorcycle is running, if the braking force is too large, it will easily cause the phenomenon of tail-flicking and overturning due to the locked wheels. Once the motorcycle has such a driving safety accident, the consequences are very dangerous.

But when the motorcycle is equipped with ABS, this phenomenon can be avoided to a large extent. Because this system can appropriately distribute the braking force that should have been fixed according to the actual rotation speed of the wheel, so as to avoid wheel lock due to improper operation.

However, because this system has a relatively high technical content and a relatively long supporting cycle, the cost will be relatively high. Therefore, it has not become the standard equipment of motorcycles like meters and lights. In the early days, it was only used in some functional or high-end motorcycles.



The working mode of CBS will be relatively simple, and the R&D cost will be relatively low, but the effect in the brake assist process will not be as obvious and efficient as ABS. It just links the front and rear brakes of the motorcycle according to a certain design. stand up.

And the working mode of this system can be easily copied under personal practice, so some old drivers don’t like CBS and think it is a dispensable device, but for novices, this device is still useful. After all, it can replace the manual realization of front and rear brake linkage, avoiding the phenomenon that we "forgot" the front brake and the brake is not strong.

Through the above brief introduction, we can see that ABS is higher than CBS in terms of technical content and actual use effect, but because of this difference, the cost of ABS itself will be higher. Therefore, there is a phenomenon that small-displacement practical motorcycles like to be equipped with CBS, while functional and fun motorcycles are equipped with ABS.

Therefore, for entry-level novices, those with ABS in the selection process of the same level of motocycles will definitely be more cost-effective, and CBS is a symbolic configuration at best.

All in all, the actual performance of ABS is stronger than CBS, but any auxiliary device will have a limit. If it exceeds its endurance limit, it also cannot guarantee our driving safety, so we should not rely too much on these auxiliary configurations. In the actual riding process, it is also necessary to put safety awareness first, control the right hand, and operate reasonably. Civilized riding is the only magic weapon to ensure safety.