What is the difference between EFI motorcycle and ordinary motorcycle

Update:28 Mar, 2020
Summary:The ordinary motorcycle we mean here refers to the carburetor motorcycle. In many people's eyes, the...

The ordinary motorcycle we mean here refers to the carburetor motorcycle. In many people's eyes, the biggest difference is their fuel supply system. But in fact, after comparing, I found that there are still many differences.

First, we want to compare the starting performance of the two motorcycles. Both carburetor motorcycles and EFI motorcycles have their own benefits. But in comparison. EFI motorcycles perform better at low temperatures. For example, we are in winter. The temperature is lower in the morning. It is not so easy to start a motorcycle at this time. If you have an EFI motorcycle. Then for you. Starting a motorcycle is relatively simple. If you have a carburetor motorcycle. Startup performance is not as good in winter.

Then we compare the acceleration performance of the two. Just now in terms of starting performance, EFI motorcycles perform better. But in terms of acceleration performance, carburetor motorcycles are better than EFI motorcycles. In fact, acceleration performance is related to many factors. Under the influence of these factors. Carburetor motorcycles generally have better acceleration performance than EFI motorcycles.

Next we will talk about the performance of the two models in terms of fuel consumption. Actually the same as most people think. EFI motorcycles are relatively fuel efficient. Some friends may wonder what the reason is. First of all EFI models, it is precisely fueled. Then, every drop of oil can be used to the maximum. On the contrary, this is not possible with carburetor. Therefore, in comparison, the EFI model is more fuel efficient

Finally, let's talk about the emission standards under the comparison of the two. Well friends know. There are many models of motorcycles. Well in these models. The corresponding two types are carburetor motorcycle and EFI motorcycle. Under comparison. We found that EFI models have higher emissions. It means more environmentally friendly. Then the opposite. Carburetor models are not so good. Maybe one day will be eliminated by the market