What is the correct braking method for motorcycles


The most common situation when operating the front whee […]

The most common situation when operating the front wheel brake is that the rider presses the brake lever hard. The front wheel of a motorcycle will sink significantly in an emergency deceleration state, and it may lock up as a result, and in the worst case, it may even crash. If it is a motorcycle model equipped with an ABS system, the braking distance may be longer due to the intervention of the system. Basically, the rider absolutely needs to be cautious when braking.

Hold the little finger and ring finger gently on the handle, and place the index and middle fingers that are ready to operate the brake lever on it. Remember to never hold the handle hard.

After the throttle is in place, use your index finger and middle finger to press the brake lever at the same time. It feels like sliding the leather of the glove gently on the surface of the lever.

The gap (asobi) of the brake lever is about 5mm~10mm. In this range, the brake system will not move at all. Therefore, when pressing the lever, please press this section in one breath.

The brakes will not start until there is a reaction from the fingertips. Please slowly press the brake lever while feeling the oil pressure rise. If you pay attention, you should feel a noticeable change and ups and downs at a certain moment. When doing this series of actions, please be careful to operate smoothly and without pause.

Press quickly, when you feel movement, change to slowly press

The specific method of braking is to first press down the asobi section of the lever until you feel the brake system start to act. The trick is to press the lever at a stretch. After you feel the brakes at your fingertips, you should switch to pressing and holding the lever slowly. The trick is to "quickly, then slowly."

Perhaps you can also refer to the previous statement, like "slowly tighten with silk (that is, don't see blood with a single knife, but kill with a soft knife)". The point is to be cautious when pressing the brake lever, and press it down slowly.

The suggestion is to hold the lever with 2 fingers while letting go

Next, please think about the situation when you usually brake. Normally, if you use 4 fingers to brake, when you move your fingers to the position of the brake lever when the accelerator is in place, pay attention and you will find that your fingers will completely leave the handlebar at a certain moment. This action is actually quite dangerous.

Therefore, the more recommended method is to use two fingers to hold down the brake lever. When the throttle is returned, you can extend your index and middle fingers to the position of the brake lever, and then press the brake lever.

The wrong example is "pop and hold, pop and release." In addition, waiting for the throttle to return to the position before moving the handle to the lever position is not a good example of a mistake. You are likely to get bad habits without your knowledge, so please make sure to recheck whether your braking action is correct!

To put it in an exaggeration, when using 4 fingers to brake, your fingers will probably all leave the handle at a certain moment. Once the handle shakes in this state, then your hand is likely to slip off. . If you choose to grab the brake lever with force at this time, it will be easy to use excessive force, causing the motorcycle to slow down too much, and the motorcycle body will shake violently, and it will be easy to lose balance.


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