What are the signs of motorcycle brake failure


  motorcycles usually have certain signs before th […]


motorcycles usually have certain signs before the brakes fail. Next, I will introduce some situations that we often encounter before the brakes fail.

1. When a cold motorcycle starts to hold the brakes in the morning, the brake pads will have a severe whistling sound. This situation will obviously disappear when the motorcycle is hot or after driving for a period of time.

Reason: This situation mostly occurs in the morning when the humidity is heavy or in the autumn and winter seasons, mainly because the temperature difference is large at this time, and the water vapor forms water droplets attached to the brake disc when the motorcycle is braking. The beads will evaporate directly, and there will be obvious whistling noises during the evaporation process. When the brake discs and brake pads are completely dry, the sound disappears. This situation is completely normal, so don't worry.

2. Occasionally there will be a harsh sound during normal driving, especially when the brakes are braking, such a sound is particularly serious.

Reason: At this time, everyone needs to pay special attention. This situation is mainly because the wear on the brake pads has reached the safety line, and this safety line is the fixed metal iron plate on the brake pads, which is used to mark the maximum wear of the brake pads. , So everyone should check and replace the brake pads in time when encountering such a situation.

3. There is a serious metal friction sound during braking, and the motorcycle must not continue to be used at this time.

Reason: The brake pads of the motorcycle have completely worn and disappeared. In this case, the only remaining iron pieces of the brake pads and the brake discs are used to generate braking force. Therefore, the brake pads and brake discs must be replaced at the same time in this case.

4. The stroke of the brake lever becomes longer. If the brake fluid is lacking or there is air in the brake fluid, the brake stroke will become longer. In severe cases, the brake will fail.

Reason: The brake fluid is lacking and the air content is high. The brake system needs compressed air to transmit force to the brake fluid. If this happens, the most effective way is to continuously hold the brake lever to obtain the braking effect. Check and replace the brake fluid in time.
to sum up

The brake fluid should be replaced regularly if there is no problem. In essence, it is because the brake fluid will still be degraded and watery during use. In order to avoid such a situation to the greatest extent, the only way is to replace it regularly, and the purpose of maintenance i8sn’t it just to prevent trouble before it happens? It’s like oil maintenance. Even if most motorcycles don’t change for a long time, as long as there is no shortage of oil, the motorcycle can run normally, but why do everyone choose regular and fixed-point replacement? It's because the motorcycle is not broken, and most of the damage is caused by the owner's failure to maintain the motorcycle.

Take a step back and look at it. Braking failure is not only the loss of the motorcycle, the loss of the motorcycle can be measured by value; but if the life safety of the rider is caused by this, it cannot be measured by value, so brake Regular oil inspection and maintenance are necessary.


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