What are the important parts of motorcycle engine


The important parts of motorcycle engine are:   1. […]

The important parts of motorcycle engine are:


1. Piston: The commonly used materials are cast iron and aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy can be divided into aluminum-copper alloy (Y alloy) and aluminum-silicon alloy (Lo-Ex alloy); the blank processing method can be divided into casting and forging.


2. Piston pin: generally use high-quality carburized steel such as 20, 15CrA or 20Mn2, and high-grade alloy steel can be used in the strengthened internal combustion engine; its outer surface should be carburized quenched or surface induction hardened, and cold extrusion can be used to improve fatigue strength Method, double-sided carburization, cyanidation or nitridation.


3. Piston ring: The commonly used materials are cast iron and steel; the surface treatment methods are chrome plating, tin plating, molybdenum spraying and phosphating; the processing methods are monomer casting, prototyping processing and heat fixing method.


4. Connecting rod: generally made of medium carbon steel or alloy steel.


5. Crankshaft: It can be divided into two categories: forged crankshaft and cast crankshaft. Common materials for forged crankshaft are ordinary carbon steel (35, 40, 45, 50) and alloy steel (35Mn2, 40Cr, 45Mn2, 35CrMoA, 42CrMoA, 50CrMoA, 40CrNi and 18Cr2Ni4WA), commonly used materials for casting crankshaft are ductile iron QT60-2, malleable iron KTZ70-2, alloy cast iron and cast steel ZG35, etc.

6. Valve mechanism: At present, the valve cone angle of most internal combustion engines is 45 degrees; the common material of the intake valve is 40Cr, and the exhaust valve is made of high carbon martensitic steel (working temperature does not exceed 650 degrees, such as 4Cr9Si2, 4Cr10Si2Mo, etc. ) And austenitic alloy steel (working temperature up to 870 degrees, such as 4Cr14Ni14W2Mo.


7. Body: Including cylinder body and crankcase body, generally made of aluminum alloy and cast iron.


8. Cylinder head: generally manufactured by casting.


9. Cylinder head gasket: generally have the following types-whole-piece hard aluminum gasket, laminated steel gasket, corrugated steel gasket, copper-asbestos gasket, steel-asbestos gasket and braid The liner composed of steel wire or metal skeleton and asbestos generally adopts copper skin-asbestos liner or steel sheet-asbestos liner for medium and small power internal combustion engines.



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