What are the common misunderstandings of motorcycle maintenance


Just like a human, a motorcycle needs good maintenance. […]

Just like a human, a motorcycle needs good maintenance. The correct way to maintain a motorcycle can effectively increase the service life of the motorcycle. It can also improve the driving safety index of motorcycles.

Misunderstanding 1:

The engine oil is not necessarily fully synthetic, and sometimes the fully synthetic engine oil is instead. It will cause your motorcycle to malfunction. For example, the ejector machine cannot use fully synthetic, because the viscosity of fully synthetic is very low, and the fan thermal performance is not good. Most of the ejector engine is air-cooled. The viscosity of the engine oil is relatively high. Generally, the use of full synthetic is strictly prohibited for the Harley ejector v2, and most of the BMW horizontally opposed engines are also strictly prohibited from using full synthetic. If these motorcycles use full synthetic for a long time, they will easily pull the cylinder and change the valve clearance. Big question

Misunderstanding 2:

Idle speed adjustment. In the process of my contact with many riders, many people like to adjust the idle speed very low, some of which are adjusted to 800 rpm. This actually hurts the motorcycle. When the idle speed is low, yes. The crankshaft is very bad, and the small chain of the motorcycle is easy to stretch. Why is this? It is because the inertia of the crankshaft is insufficient, so the amplitude of the vertical vibration of the motorcycle is very low, and the impact on each component will also be Get bigger.

Misunderstanding 3:

Regarding the choice of gasoline label, everyone may know that the higher the compression ratio, the higher the label corresponding to the gasoline he needs, but I think some people don’t know why this is because some people use 97 for 125, and some I even use 98, thinking that the higher the label, the better. Actually, this is not correct. The gasoline label represents the anti-knock resistance of gasoline. In other words, the higher the gasoline label, the slower the burning speed. It can also withstand a higher compression ratio. If a motorcycle that requires No. 90 gasoline, if you add No. 98 for a long time, it will cause the gasoline to burn uncleanly, the engine is weak, the valve is carbonized or even leaks, and if it is serious, it will be exposed. Black smoke, for example, if you need 98 gasoline in a motorcycle use 90 gasoline, then the engine will knock, the valve will break, start rebound, and so on.

Misunderstanding 4:

The misunderstanding of the valve clearance adjustment. When it comes to valve clearance, one has to say what valve clearance can affect. Some people adjust the valve blindly and want to have a quiet sound. This is wrong, and some people think that the valve clearance is a bit noisy. This is also bad. First of all, the valve clearance affects the entire engine's air exchange and the engine's supplementary combustion period. (The supplementary combustion period is the gasoline combustion time after ignition.) So what is the effect of fuel return after the valve is adjusted tightly? The answer is that the sound will be quiet, but the supplementary combustion period will be shorter, the fuel consumption will increase, the cylinder temperature will increase, the engine will burn easily, the idling speed will be unstable, and so on.

Then one is that the valve clearance is too large, and the valve clearance is too large, it will make the burning period longer, the power of the motorcycle will decrease, the sound will become louder, and the high-speed valve will easily fall off.

There are still many friends who like very large tires. It is not good to modify very large tires. First of all, few people maintain the tire pressure and tire pressure. For tire maintenance, the air pressure of the tire affects the braking distance, the shock absorption of the vehicle, the high-speed stability, and the flexibility of turning. These are all things that the tire can affect. If your front tire has insufficient air pressure, it will cause , The dragon's hair is heavy, the turning is difficult, the serious front wheel hub will squat cracks, deform or even chip, many motorcycle owners do not check the tire pressure because of laziness, causing the front wheel to break. In addition, the tire pressure is too high, too high pressure is easy to puncture the tire. I think everyone should know that too high pressure can also easily cause the sensitivity of the motorcycle to be too high, the braking distance will be shortened, the high speed will float, and the corner will be prone to skidding. And other phenomena

Misunderstanding 5:

Carburetor maintenance. Carburetor maintenance is not only about cleaning, but also about adjusting. In winter, you need to adjust the mixing ratio and oil needle height required by the temperature in winter. In summer, you need to adjust the mixing ratio in summer. Of course, the carburetor does not. You can clean too much. Too much cleaning of the carburetor will cause wear and tear on the air duct of the carburetor, and fuel consumption will increase. Before adjusting and cleaning the carburetor, remember to clean or replace the air filter.


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