The important role of motorcycle frames


With the advancement of technology and changes in the m […]

With the advancement of technology and changes in the market, the performance of motorcycle frames is becoming more and more advanced. Motorcycles are not traditional motorized bicycles, and they have added various advanced electronic configurations and rich interactive systems. However, the type of motorcycle frame has also become blurred with the continuous improvement of super engineers of major manufacturers. But it is undeniable that as the frame of motorcycle bones, it has become the focus of research and development.


Motorcycle vibration, driving stability, and tire grip and brakes are all pertinent indices. Because these parts are dragged by the skeleton of the motorcycle, "frame"


Without a healthy bone, even if there are more accessories installed, it cannot be fully exerted on the whole, nor can it bring a more perfect driving experience to the driver.


The motorcycle frame, as an important part, completely interprets the role of inheriting the past and driving from the feeling of driving to the safety of the motorcycle. But the above characteristics are completely a mystery in the field of machinery industry. Because there is no one specific formula for people to apply, motorcycle engineers can only continue to explore and summarize the reasons from failure.


The perspective shift from the stadium to civilian use seems to be less complicated. However, in today's rapid development, an upgrade of the tire rubber formula may affect weak frames, such as tires with improved grip, how can the force generated by friction not follow the frame during violent braking Deformation lateral offset? It is also known as the side slip, which is completely handed over to the frame.


At present, our civil small and medium displacement motorcycles have three distinguishable frame types, in order from low to high


Crossover diamond frame (referred to as: diamond frame)


Single tube cradle frame (referred to as: single cradle frame)


Double tube cradle frame (referred to as: double cradle frame)

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