The hazard of overfilling motorcycle fuel tank


The first hazard of filling the fuel tank of motorcycle […]

The first hazard of filling the fuel tank of motorcycles: gasoline volatilization is easy to cause cancer

Activated carbon canisters are generally close to the outside air inlet. When the fuel is too full, the canisters are saturated, the pressure is too high and the pressure is discharged, and the air containing gasoline components enters the cabin. The uncomfortable "gasoline smell" has always been around you. The composition of oil and gas has been proven to contain carcinogens such as benzene. If you refuel the car every time, how high do you think you have cancer?

The second hazard of refilling the fuel tank of a motorcycle: easy to cause a fire

In order to prevent the volume of gasoline from expanding and breaking the fuel tank, a vent hole is designed on the top of the fuel tank. If the oil is too full, gasoline can easily escape from the vent. Even if you waste gasoline, if the spilled gasoline encounters an open flame (such as smoking), it is easy to cause a fire, and the loss will be great! If the car is destroyed, it will even threaten the safety of life! !


The third hazard of filling up the fuel tank of motorcycles: posing a hazard to the carbon canister

It is gasoline liquid instead of gasoline vapor that enters the carbon canister, which will cause harm to the carbon canister. The carbon canister is a device that reduces the emission of gasoline evaporates in the car's fuel tank and carburetor. The life of a normal carbon canister should be more than 50,000 kilometers, but it will be scrapped immediately after being immersed in oil! It is not good to fill the fuel tank completely. Gasoline will enter the carbon canister through the fuel vapor line, causing leakage. Fully filling the fuel is equivalent to increasing the load on the car and increasing the fuel consumption of the car.

The hazard 4 of filling the motorcycle fuel tank: it is easy to cause clogging of the vent

Once the vent hole is blocked, negative pressure will be generated in the fuel tank, resulting in poor oil supply, or even no oil supply. It may happen that the engine does not catch fire immediately after refueling, or the phenomenon of one-off after another at high speed is caused by the fuel tank being overfilled.

Gasoline is a colorless liquid (to facilitate the identification of gasoline with different octane numbers, sometimes different colors are added), with special odor, volatile, flammable, the main components are C₄ ~ C₁₂ aliphatic hydrocarbons and cyclic hydrocarbons, and contain a small amount Aromatic hydrocarbons and sulfides. This is a little knowledge of the safety of gas stations. Only when we understand these safety regulations can we better refuel at gas stations.

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