The buffer function of motorcycle clutch


Why is there no clutch for a curved beam motorcycle? Bu […]

Why is there no clutch for a curved beam motorcycle? But the straddle bike cannot be designed like this

Indeed, it is incorrect to say that the curved beam motorcycle does not have a clutch, because the curved beam motorcycle has a clutch, and many curved beam motorcycles now use dual clutches, so it is incorrect to say that the curved beam motorcycle does not have a clutch.

The clutch of a motorcycle mainly acts as a buffer in the process of power transmission. With this device, when we use a motorcycle, we can achieve a smooth start and smooth shifting. Without this device, the smooth start of the motorcycle cannot be achieved, and the gear shift of the gearbox will be extremely difficult. Therefore, for current motorcycles, the clutch is very important.

But because motorcycles have different speed changes, the clutch is optional in terms of operation. For example, because the scooter is a stepless speed change, its clutch is automatic, while the curved beam motorcycle uses automatic separation. Step speed change, so it does not require manual clutch operation. In this way, it is reasonable to say that the curved beam motorcycle does not have a clutch. After all, the absence of a clutch is the operating handle. So the question is, since the curved beam motorcycle can achieve clutchless shifting, why not use the straddle bike with stepped transmission?

In fact, the reason here is very simple, and we don't need to explore it in depth. The user groups targeted by the two types of models are different, so let's go with the flow, the design of the same gearbox but different clutches.

It is well known that the potential users of curved-beam motorcycles are some female riders and middle-aged and elderly motorcycles. Under this premise, the overall design of the motorcycle will tend to be light and simple. Therefore, the curved-beam motorcycle must have a lighter body, simple Operation, if these two points are designed to be cumbersome and cumbersome, it will not be able to meet the requirements of target customers. Therefore, the curved beam motorcycle has been optimized and upgraded from the early automatic single clutch to the current automatic separation double clutch. Such a change will make it easier for cyclists to use.

But the straddle motorcycle is completely different. It may be a kind of more practical scooter, or it may be a functional motorcycle that is biased towards fun settings. The potential users of this model will be different from the curved beam motorcycle. For them, the operation is complicated, but it must be mechanically pleasant. According to the structure and characteristics of the curved beam motorcycle clutch, it is obviously not equipped with this performance. Instead, the manual operation of the conventional clutch or sliding clutch will more easily meet the aggressive driving needs of such riders.

Assuming that if we are only for personal needs, we can copy the automatic separation clutch of the curved beam motorcycle to the straddle motorcycle. There are no technical problems in this process, nothing more than the application of related parts. Because some of the current three-wheeled motorcycles use this kind of replication design, this demand is technically not difficult.

But after this operation, our riding experience will become worse. Although the automatic disengagement of the clutch can be eliminated, the trouble of oil separation at the start will make the motorcycle start easier, but this kind of clutch shifting process In the middle of the lag, not smooth, it is easy to affect the riding feeling, and will not show better performance than the conventional clutch. Therefore, under the premise of pursuing aggressive driving, the current automatic disengagement clutch used in curved beam motorcycles is not suitable for straddle riding. Instead, the conventional manual disengagement clutch and the more efficient sliding clutch will bring driving pleasure more easily.

All in all, there are many kinds of motorcycle gearboxes, but no matter how they change, it is impossible to disengage the necessary device of clutch. The main reason why the straddle motorcycle does not use the automatic disengagement clutch of the curved beam motorcycle is that its gear shift process is not smooth enough, and it will not improve the performance of the motorcycle, but it will be easier when starting. Some, so different models will have different clutches and gearboxes, not necessarily interchangeable is a good thing.

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