Reasons for inaccurate display of motorcycle fuel gauge

Update:11 Jan, 2021
Summary:Why is the motorcycle fuel gauge inaccurate? It's not difficult to rule out The instrument of a moto...

Why is the motorcycle fuel gauge inaccurate? It's not difficult to rule out

The instrument of a motorcycle is an intuitive display device of the current state. With it, we can easily understand the actual performance of the motorcycle. But in the process of using the motorcycle, we will find that there is such an instrument that may mislead everyone, and even some riders have pushed the motorcycle halfway because of its misleading.

By the way, this meter is our fuel indicator, or fuel gauge for short. If one day you are riding a motorcycle very proudly on the road, but suddenly it turns off, it is most likely that the motorcycle is not malfunctioning, but the fuel tank is empty. Then you have to ask who stole me. oil.

In fact, the reason for all this is directly related to the unreliability of the oil meter, in addition to our carelessness. The structure of the fuel gauge of a motorcycle is actually relatively simple, mainly composed of a sensor and a display. Like other instruments, the sensor is mainly used to transmit signals, and the display is mainly used to read out signals.

It stands to reason that this device should display the fuel level of the motorcycle in real time. After all, this is what it is supposed to do. But contrary to expectations, many motorcycles have the problem of inaccurate fuel gauges, especially some models with a long service life. It is easy to be ignored by the fuel gauge.

The main reason for this failure is that the oil level sensor is not sensitive enough, and the main reason that affects it is not sensitive enough. In addition to its poor quality, a large part of the factor comes from the corrosion of gasoline to the sensor during use, which makes The sensor signal, which is already relatively fragile, fluctuates greatly. So no one is stealing fuel from your motorcycle, but the fuel level sensor wants to strike.



At this time, if the display of the fuel gauge is more accurate, the most reliable way is to repair or replace it. As for which method is used, it mainly depends on the state of the fuel level sensor. If the current motorcycle’s fuel level sensor is still worth repairing , Then through slight adjustment and polishing, its work will enter the best condition.

The fuel gauges of many motorcycles do not stand up, mainly because the sensor's resistance contacts have poor contact or excessive resistance. At this time, as long as we lightly sand the contacts with fine sandpaper, then it will be fine. Restore the original performance.

If this phenomenon is not caused by the contact point, the fault can be eliminated by moving and adjusting the iron rod connected to the float on the sensor, but the elimination process will be more cumbersome, and we need to perform it under the full fuel state of the motorcycle. After many times of debugging, after many times of fine-tuning, our oil gauge will become accurate.

To determine what caused the inaccuracy of the fuel gauge, the simple way is to gently move the float push rod. If the fuel gauge can display the "oil volume" in real time with this swing, then the contact point is good. You can adjust the push rod. If the fault is eliminated, the contacts need to be repaired.

And if the new sensor still cannot display accurately after the replacement, the main reason is that during the installation process, the adjustment of the push rod was ignored, or the position of the float was changed because of too much force during the installation. The fault can be eliminated, because the probability of failure of the instrument is very small.

From the above introduction, we can see that the inaccurate display of the fuel gauge is not because our fuel was stolen, but because the fuel level sensor does not want to work, so take good care of this device and give the motorcycle a full meal. The fault can be eliminated.

However, the motorcycle’s instrument is only a reference device. We cannot rely on it completely. During use, we need to formulate our own standards based on the actual performance of the motorcycle. Only in this way can the motorcycle be fueled and not on the road. Panic.