Motorcycle Exhaust

Update:25 Aug, 2021
Summary:Motorcycle exhaust systems alter - large or small - how your motorcycle sounds or operates. By repla...

Motorcycle exhaust systems alter - large or small - how your motorcycle sounds or operates. By replacing or repairing your motorcycle's stock exhaust system you can dramatically improve your motorcycle's performance, look and sound - but be very careful when modifying or replacing your factory motorcycle exhaust with aftermarket or custom motorcycle exhaust. Improperly fitted and/or modified exhaust pipes and components, or "backflows," can void your motorcycle manufacturer's warranty and impose heavy penalties. It's important to always follow the directions for your particular motorcycle exhaust and consult your motorcycle builder to make sure you are not voiding your bike's warranty by modifying any exhaust elements.

Many bike owners like to "customize" their bikes to make them look better, more powerful, faster, or completely different from other bikes on the road - whether they upgrade to titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum, or another expensive material. But just like cars, motorcycles must also meet legal requirements, and certain parts (like fuel tanks and carburetors) may not be able to be changed due to exhaust regulations. But the loudest bike of all is the one that isn't customized. The stock system remains functional and in good condition and does not need to be changed to make it "special." So even if you are considering purchasing a new or custom motorcycle, it is a good idea to keep the stock system intact and in good working order.

There are a number of aftermarket motorcycle exhausts available to fit most aftermarket motorcycle frames. They typically include stainless steel tubes, bent and straight tubes, custom-made rockers, baffles and many other exhaust design features to customize the sound, speed and power of your motorcycle. For those who don't want to spend money customizing the exhaust, there are a number of aftermarket motorcycle exhausts that are as simple as replacing certain pipes or mufflers. Motorcycles exhausts are very personal statements of taste, and everyone has their own ideas about how they want their motorcycle to sound.