Factors Affecting the Volume of Motorcycle Fuel Tank

Update:28 Dec, 2020
Summary:With the changes in the needs and functions of motorcycles, the size of the fuel tank plays an incre...

With the changes in the needs and functions of motorcycles, the size of the fuel tank plays an increasingly obvious role in the selection process. Many riders will abandon the current model because of the small fuel tank volume of a model. Why is the fuel tank volume designed so "small"? Does this have anything to do with the heat decay that occurs during the riding of the motorcycle?

First of all, the size of the motorcycle fuel tank volume is directly related to the body structure. For example, some small fuel tank motorcycles we have seen are mainly curved beam motorcycles and scooters. Because of the special structure of these two types of models, the fuel tank volume is generally not The large, curved beam motorcycle is basically around 4L, and the small pedal is basically around 6L.

Secondly, the volume of the motorcycle fuel tank is directly related to the purpose of the motorcycle. For example, ADV models have a larger fuel tank volume because of the need for long-distance riding. They can basically be kept at about 20L, while some street motorcycles or A sports motorcycle does not need such a large fuel tank, because for this type of motorcycle, too large fuel tank volume will affect its handling performance. After all, the fuel in the fuel tank is liquid, and its flow direction changes when the motorcycle is bent from left to right. It will definitely affect the handling of the motorcycle, so a sports motorcycle or a street motorcycle will not pursue a large-capacity fuel tank, but will be more optimistic about a small fuel tank.



In addition, the size of the motorcycle fuel tank volume will definitely consider the shape of the motorcycle. If a motorcycle is a little too full in order to highlight the large fuel tank, it will look a little weird and make the overall appearance not so coordinated. There will be a lack of beauty.

Some motorcycles may also consider the pressure on the engine for long-distance riding when designing the fuel tank volume. That is to say, for a motorcycle that is not suitable for long-distance riding, if you do not consider the feeling of the engine, Making the fuel tank volume large will also affect the engine. Of course, if you ride this type of motorcycle for long distances, the drivers and passengers will definitely not be able to stand it first, so in many cases the human body will turn on the protection mode first, so this consideration will be relatively weak and not so prominent.

To sum up, the size of the motorcycle fuel tank volume will first consider the handling requirements, body structure, model use, and overall appearance. As for whether the small fuel tank is a protection for the motorcycle engine, there will be considerations in this respect, but not Will deliberately stand out, because the durability of machinery is higher than the limit that the human body can withstand, so a motorcycle with a small fuel tank can also run long distances, but it will be more troublesome to use.