Adding a Motorcycle Seat Mat Can Increase Comfort on Long Rides

Update:06 Sep, 2023
Summary:A quick ride around the block is no problem when you’re on a motorcycle, but a long trip can quickly...
A quick ride around the block is no problem when you’re on a motorcycle, but a long trip can quickly become uncomfortable if your factory seat has inadequate padding. Adding an aftermarket gel or air motorcycle seat pad can significantly increase comfort on long rides by helping to distribute body weight evenly, take pressure off key areas, and even help prevent the pain caused by sitting for extended periods of time. Many of these seat pads also offer added convenience by allowing you to carry them along and stow them quickly and easily between rides.

The majority of these motorcycle seat mats are based on gel or memory foam technology that is usually shrouded in a breathable, waterproof cover that allows air to circulate. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different riders and are a great option for reducing back pain, tailbone discomfort, and even hip pain. Gels generally dissipate heat more effectively than other types of motorcycle seat pads and are less prone to compression after long periods of time.

Another popular type of motorcycle seat pad is made from an extremely high-density polyurethane material, which is shaped to fit the curves of the bike’s seating area. These motorcycle seat pads are often less expensive than gels or other types of foam seats, but they do tend to lose their shape over time and may require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Other popular motorcycle seat pad designs use a series of adjustable air cells to provide customizable comfort. These systems are very easy to install and remove, with no need for pumps or tools. One popular system - the Conformax Ultraflex - is designed specifically to fit the steep contoured rear section of many sport and touring motorcycles, so it is a good choice for those who ride these types of bikes. These motorcycle seat pads are fairly thick - at about 1-1/2 inches - and can provide substantial support for the buttocks and lower back.

While these motorcycle seat cushions can provide some added comfort, it’s important to remember that they also raise the height of your bike seat. A seat pad that raises the height of your saddle more than about an inch will cause you to hunch over in an unnatural position, which can lead to neck and back strain.

This motorcycle seat cushion is an excellent alternative to a motorcycle seat gel or a beaded or sheepskin seat cover. It provides just enough comfort to eliminate minor pressure points and is springy so it doesn’t change your riding position. Plus, it has a breathable mesh cover that keeps you cool and won’t burn you when the sun is beating down on your butt. Best of all, it can be inflated and stowed in about a minute with adjustable straps that attach to the motorcycle seat frame using plastic-coated C-clamps. It also features a nonskid bottom to stay in place on the seat.