How to maintain motorcycle engine


Engine maintenance 1. Clean or replace the air filter e […]

Engine maintenance

1. Clean or replace the air filter every 1500-3000km;

2. When changing the oil, it must be replaced when the motorcycle is hot. After the engine is turned off, drain the oil, unscrew the opened bolt, step on the start lever several times to completely drain the oil, (you can take one person to cooperate and tilt the motorcycle 45 degrees Pour out the remaining oil)

3. Then take out the filter and put it in the prepared kerosene or diesel to rinse (the purpose of the engine is to flush the shovel out of it, and it must not be cleaned with gasoline), then install it in the opposite way, pay attention to draining the oil The bolts should not be too hard.

4. When preparing to pour the oil, be sure to prop up the main bracket and lay it flat. After the oil is poured, check whether the oil dipstick is between the top dead center and bottom dead center of the oil dipstick. No more or no less oil. .

5. The engine cannot be washed when it is hot.

Maintenance of the motorcycle appearance

1. Do not flush with high pressure water.

2. The exterior parts of the whole motorcycle are mainly painted parts and chrome-plated parts, which are mainly anti-rust, anti-exposure, and anti-pollution. When dirt appears, rinse it with water and then dry it with a dry cloth, and apply anti-rust oil. If possible, apply motorcycle hoods to avoid dust pollution.

3. After use in rainy days, wipe dry in time, and add lubricating oil to the parts that need lubrication.

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