How to lower the ride height of a motorcycle


1. Recovery Many motorcycles have more fillers on the g […]

1. Recovery

Many motorcycles have more fillers on the general seat cushion for more comfortable comfort. At this time, they can choose to sacrifice comfort, reduce sitting a little, and use tools to grind the padding of the seat cushion. Even given all it was taken away, leaving only a seat center, but it was very painful.

2. Adjust the shock absorption

Most motorcycles can be adjusted to adjust the height. You can adjust the highlight of the shock absorber to reduce tall vehicles. When adjusting the height, you cannot just adjust the height of the shock absorber, you must adjust it to the front. The focus of the car does not seem to be distorted, but the subtle performance can also adjust the softness of the shock absorber. After sitting on the bus, it will lower it to be more powerful, but the adjustment of the shock absorber will make the car machinable. cut back.

3. Change the wheels

Different motorcycle hubs are different, you can change a small hub, but it may be a bit weird, just don't change the car's spare tire, car's performance and control. There is also an impact, and the tires also have a variety of tires, which can be changed to flatter tires.

4. Wear high shoes

You can also think of yourself, how long you have eaten, it is obvious that the adult's body does not work, so we can only wear thick shoes, or add cushions in the shoes, and give ourselves one by one. There is still no problem with two centimeters, so that the feet are closer to the ground.

5. Enhance riding technology

Driving skills have improved, height is not enough technology to make up for, and when you ride a bike, some children are not enough, two feet less than two feet, jump on the bike to drive, and get off when I jump up, but the motorcycle does not pass. It is too heavy. I can upgrade my driving skills to motorcycles. As long as the feet are kept, they can be supported at the beginning.

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