How to judge whether motorcycle oil is aging


Most riders’ concern about engine oil should be the tim […]

Most riders’ concern about engine oil should be the time to change the engine oil. In addition to changing the engine oil normally according to the number of kilometers, if the engine oil is aging, the engine oil needs to be replaced. What is engine oil aging?

Engine oil aging

Lubricating oil aging mainly refers to the loss of viscosity and the decrease of viscosity of the lubricating oil. The reason is that the lubricating oil has been used for a long time, high temperature, and emulsification.

When the oil is in a high temperature and high pressure engine for a long time, it will continue to mix in harmful substances. After a long time, it will produce chemical changes, which will make the oil thin and dirty, and produce sludge.

1. The carbon deposits, water and carbon monoxide produced by gasoline combustion will chemically change with the engine oil, causing the engine oil to age and deteriorate.

2. Impurities and dust are the main reasons for the wear of the cylinder and the entire engine, and the wear will produce a lot of metal chips. These things are gradually oxidized when mixed with the engine oil, which will deteriorate the engine oil and deteriorate.

3. If the piston ring is damaged, the air filter element or the choke valve fails, the gasoline will flow into the crankcase and the oil concentration will become thinner. Once the oil becomes thinner, its lubrication function will be reduced, causing wear of the components

Oil aging identification

Oil drop inspection

Take a piece of clean white paper, unscrew the oil dipstick, and place a drop on the white paper. After careful observation, the oil droplets on the white paper generally have the following behaviors

1. If the oil droplets are yellow and translucent, it means that the lubricating oil is of good quality and can be used normally

2. If the ink droplets in the oil droplets are large and black, it indicates that the lubricating oil has aged and should be replaced immediately

3. If there are more ink droplets in the middle of the oil droplet and there are more carbon particles in the ink droplet, it means that the lubricating oil has begun to age and can be used as appropriate.

4. If there are tiny ink droplets in the middle of the oil droplets and the ink droplets are light in color, but the surroundings are yellow and translucent, indicating that the lubricating oil can continue to be used

Check by hand

Take a small amount of lubricating oil in the motorcycle and twist it repeatedly with your fingers. If you feel that there are obvious foreign particles or the viscosity is too bad (novices feel less sensitive to the viscosity, you can use new lubricating oil for comparison), you should replace the lubricating oil

Dump inspection

Take a small amount of lubricating oil in the motorcycle, put it in a clean container and slowly pour it into the lubricating oil filler mouth, while observing the flow of lubricating oil, if the oil flow is slender and even and shiny, it means that there is no impurities and moisture in the lubricating oil , Can continue to use. If the oil flow is intermittent, the thickness is uneven, and the oil flow is black, replace the lubricating oil

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