How to ensure the good performance of motorcycle fuel tanks


If you don't ride a motorcycle for a long distance, try […]

If you don't ride a motorcycle for a long distance, try not to fill up the fuel tank, not because the gasoline damages the coil of the fuel tank, but because the ignition point of the gasoline will evaporate for a long time. Refueling is better than waiting one month after filling up.

Filling up with fuel is not good for the car. The fuel indicator is inaccurate. There is still a lot of oil in the fuel tank. It may be that the oil level sensor in the fuel tank is stuck. The oil level sensor may sometimes be expanded by the gasoline bubble, and the float cannot go up. 1. You can't display the oil level accurately under the free movement. Just loosen the oil level sensor or change it.

Does the motorcycle's secondary fuel tank run out? Does it mean that the entire fuel tank is gone? The internal structure of the motorcycle's fuel tank is the same on both sides. The positive and secondary fuel tanks depend on the switch that controls the oil output. There is a hole with a long tube (that is the pipe under the positive fuel tank), and there is a hole without a pipe, which is parallel to the bottom surface of the fuel tank (that is the oil under the auxiliary fuel tank), so if the auxiliary fuel tank cannot be released If it is oil, it proves that the fuel tank is completely empty (unless the fuel tank switch is blocked).

But the key in the fuel tank depends on how much fuel is left. Under normal circumstances, when the scooter's fuel gauge pointer reaches the red grid position, there should be gasoline equivalent to about one-third of the total capacity in the fuel tank. This is normal. The purpose is to prevent the remaining fuel from being too small to run to the gas station and break down halfway, especially for long-distance vehicles, this is very important.

When the oil is low, it can only be reduced to half. It may be caused by the oil level sensor stuck in the oil tank, the sliding resistance of the oil level sensor is damaged, etc. In addition, if the oil gauge coil on the instrument is bad or the wiring is loose, this may also be caused Lower the oil drift connector and short-circuit the wiring harness wiring if it is normal.

Filling the fuel tank cannot be understood as filling when the tank port can see oil. If the oil can be seen at the port of the fuel tank, it is too full. Because the fuel temperature is different when the vehicle is stopped and running, the season in which the vehicle is used differs from the ambient temperature. If the fuel tank is filled too full, the gasoline will expand due to heating and it will overflow from the fuel tank port, which is unsafe. Usually 5 to 7% expansion space should be reserved for the fuel tank, which can ensure driving safety.

Because the fuel tank cap must be breathable, otherwise no oil will be produced, so the fuel tank cap will be designed with a vent. If the fuel tank is overfilled, especially when it is hot, the gasoline will expand and the volume will increase, which will be smooth Oil flowing through the vent and corroding the paint of the fuel tank, and the volatile gasoline will be very unsafe, and there may be a risk of fire in special conditions. Take a look at the mouth of the fuel tank, there will be a circle of standing iron. Do not exceed this height when refueling. This instruction is usually included in the manual. In addition, if too much gasoline is added to reach the height of the fuel tank cap, it will be sprayed out along the vent of the fuel tank cap under the pressure difference, which sometimes occurs.

In general, to ensure the good performance of motorcycle fuel tanks, it is necessary to check whether the fuel oil of motorcycle fuel tank, engine oil tank and gearbox is sufficient before use, and add them in time if necessary. Also check the fuel switch, gearbox and front and rear shock absorbers for oil leakage. And check the tightening of motorcycle fuel tank fasteners.

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