How to choose a motorcycle cushion

Update:20 Mar, 2020
Summary:The first is the feeling of sitting up. If it is too hard, it will be boring to think of the next jo...

The first is the feeling of sitting up. If it is too hard, it will be boring to think of the next journey. If the sides of the cushion are still protruding, it will be awful! As if you can imagine that riding on your feet will make you The inner thighs will become more and more painful.

Although the factory seat cushion has almost no such worst case, it is quite common to modify the seat cushion. For example, if you want to reduce the height of the seat cushion, only the inner foam is cut off. This is the most common situation caused by the cushion problem mentioned earlier. Cutting off the cushioning foam inside not only makes it uncomfortable to sit, but the protruding feet on both sides of the cushion become difficult to put down. This is the counter-effect of this, but after I have experienced many failures, I can tell you so decisively.

I believe the angle of the cushion is also quite mindful. Although it has become relatively small recently, even before the original factory cushion, the main sports car models were mainly used, and the seat surface of the cushion was mostly inclined forward and recessed. This should It is a thoughtful design that considers avoiding the body to rush forward under the acceleration of gravity, but this design moves the body forward in bad riding situations such as emergency braking or bumpy roads, making the body bump. The most common situation is that if you ignore the situation and continue riding, the state of your wrists will affect your body. When you notice something is wrong, the riding posture has become very strange. If you compare the past and the present, A very interesting phenomenon will be found on the body of a motorcycle, that is, you should find that the models with the same name have different inclination angles with different times.

The same cushion skin is very annoying if it is too slippery! Even if this is because the material of the seat cushion is leather, it is helpless, but the lack of friction is the same as that of the tire, and the grip will be reduced. Especially when it comes to the ultra-smooth cushion and jeans, it can be considered a disaster, because On the spot it will become a pose before moving assembly (laughs). Therefore, when I wash the car myself, the seat cushion and the fuel tank will not be waxed. In addition, although I want to hold a stable riding position, I will wear leather pants, but even if I spend my mind, but the body is still easy to move when riding, then it is recommended Choose a low-cost and effective method, that is, change the seat cushion. In addition, there is also the height of the cushion. When you sit on the cushion, you still care about the height of the cushion. Of course, the off-road vehicle with a long suspension and suspension device has nothing to say. In order to increase the turning angle of the handlebar, the sports vehicle must be raised. The height above the ground, after the minimum height of the car body is lifted from the ground, the seat cushion will be easily heightened.

Recently, some models will raise the center of gravity of the car body, so that when you turn sideways, you can bring lightness, so you choose to specifically pull the car's minimum height off the ground, and sports cars with high ground are also included. This type of car, cruise car and other models are the opposite, with a low center of gravity, stability and ease of riding as the primary consideration, so most of them are low cushions.