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How to distinguish between good and bad motorcycles? It […]

How to distinguish between good and bad motorcycles?

It is not easy to find a better motorcycle among the many models, not to mention that everyone has different standards for good motorcycles, so the answer to this question will be more diverse, or even not at all. There is a standard answer,

It seems that if a motorcycle is to be absolutely good, it must have a beautiful appearance, excellent performance, good quality, rich configuration, affordable price, perfect after-sales service, and a motorcycle Whether the motorcyle has these needs to be judged by the following points.

1. Model brand, there is a very truthful saying "please believe in the power of the brand". So usually the model brand is the quality assurance of motorcycles, so good motorcycles will come from some good brands. From this we can see that a motorcycle is good or not. The first criterion is to look at the brand.

Judging from the motorcycle brands we can come into contact with at this stage, imported brands will be better than joint venture brands, joint venture brands will be better than independent brands, and independent brands will be better than third-rate brands. Of course, when specific to a certain model, this judgment criterion will change a little, so it is only the first criterion, not the final answer.

2. The price of the model. Although we always like to take advantage of the "small bargain" in the selection process of the product, in fact, there is no good product if it is cheap, and there is a certain reason why good products are not cheap. Therefore, in the selection and evaluation of models, we can list the price factor as the second selection criterion. Under normal circumstances, cheap motorcycles are almost inferior in terms of quality and performance. The configuration and appearance are compared to some expensive models. , There will also be a very large gap, and in turn, models with relatively high prices will have a more reliable overall performance.

Therefore, some low-priced models of the same brand are not necessarily good motorcycles in the absolute sense, and some motorcycles with very general brands and very cheap prices will basically be very bad. Such models are best not to be touched unless Compromise because of price factors, otherwise choosing them will only bring a burden to yourself.

3. Specific performance, the quality of motorcycles is absolutely inseparable from the specific performance of current motorcycles. Because the brand and price are just a big frame, there will still be crooked melons under this frame. At this time, we have to keep our eyes open and choose carefully. If one is careless or sloppy, it will be easy to get caught.



A motorcycle that can be regarded as an absolutely good motorcycle must have meticulous workmanship, kind materials, performance in line with current motorcycle positioning, and configuration performance close to the price. They complement each other. If there are too many cars A certain point of the car’s prominence is not really good in the true sense. On the contrary, if it can show all aspects in a balanced way, it will be easier to become a good car.

After clarifying the above three selection criteria, there will be a choice in judging whether a motorcycle is a good motorcycle, and in the process of comparing models, we will also easily make a choice.

Assuming that the two motorcycles in front of you are from different brands, but the prices are very similar. If we estimate according to the above standards, the models of well-known brands will be more reliable, while the models of niche brands will be relatively better. Almost meaning, but for the sake of fairness and in order not to let good motorcycles pass us by, we still need to understand.

If in this comparison process we find that the performance of the niche brand models is better than the well-known brand models, then the current niche brand motorcycle is a good motorcycle, while the well-known brand models are only useless. In the table, such an example is easy to appear in the process of comparing models, so when judging the quality of motorcycles, we must fully understand the motorcycles and be fair and just.

We cannot take the standard as the answer. We must use the actual performance of the motorcycle as the most accurate answer. Therefore, if we want to know whether a motorcycle is a good motorcycle, we need to have an in-depth understanding of it. With the three standards mentioned, the motorcycle standing in front of you can easily distinguish between good and bad.

All in all, whether a motorcycle is good or not depends first on its brand and price, and secondly on the actual performance of the motorcycle as the main basis. Only the selection process and results in this way will have practical significance. If it is just a reference Others’ suggestions don’t have their own criteria for judgment, so the good motorcycle you choose can only suit others, not necessarily what you want.

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