How often do the brake discs of motorcycles be replaced


The braking principle of disc brakes When the rider bra […]

The braking principle of disc brakes

When the rider brakes, hold the brake lever, the brake fluid in the brake pump will generate pressure, and the fluid will transmit the pressure through the pipeline to the piston in the caliper of each wheel. The piston then drives the caliper to clamp the brake pads. Brake discs, which generate friction and slow down the motorcycle.

Therefore, the brake pads in the brake calipers clamp the circular brake discs during driving to achieve tire braking. If the brake discs and brake pads are not replaced for a long time, large wear will occur and the braking effect of the motorcycle will deteriorate. Therefore, it is very important to master the relevant knowledge of brake discs.

What is a brake disc

The brake disc, in simple terms, is a round plate, which also rotates when the motorcycle is moving. The brake caliper clamps the brake disc to generate braking force. When holding the brake, the brake block clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop. The brake disc has a good braking effect, but it is also more prone to wear than drum brakes.

Replacement mileage of brake disc

Generally speaking, the brake pads (that is, the two pieces of the brake calipers) need to be replaced about 20, 30,000 kilometers, and the replacement mileage of the brake discs is generally about 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers. Of course, changing the mileage is not absolutely absolute. It is determined by factors such as the owner's own driving habits (whether they like sudden braking), road conditions, and maintenance intervals.

Under what circumstances need to replace the brake disc

1. In addition to the mileage mentioned above, if the brake block is severely worn, continue to use it, causing the iron block of the brake block to rub against the brake disc, and the brake disc will soon wear deep grooves and needs to be replaced immediately.

2. Although the brake block is not worn to the brake disc, there are deep grooves on the brake disc due to long-term use. When the total thickness of the deep grooves on both sides exceeds 3 mm, the brake disc needs to be replaced.

3. Although the surface of some brake discs is smooth, they have been worn too thin. In addition, the brake pump is rusted and the brake shoes are also excessively worn. This is not only to replace the brake disc, but also to maintain the brake pump.

Daily maintenance method of brake disc

After a long-distance motorcycle ride, the brake disc will generate a lot of heat during braking. Therefore, do not wash the motorcycle immediately after a long-distance motorcycle ride. You should turn off the brake to reduce the surface temperature of the brake disc to prevent the high-temperature brake disc from being exposed to cold water. Shrink produces deformation. It is also necessary to prevent the rock from hitting the brake disc to cause deformation. After locking the rim and forgetting to unlock the motorcycle, it is also easy to cause the brake disc to deform. When the brake disc is deformed, a friction sound in a single direction will be produced.

In addition, the best way to increase the life of the brake disc is to maintain good driving habits and try to avoid sudden stops. Diligently clean up the mud and sand on the brake discs, and always check whether the brake blocks are worn to the extent that the brake discs rely on iron.

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