How are the types of motorcycles divided

Update:18 Dec, 2020
Summary:1. The classification of driver’s licenses. If we divide it from our quasi-driving models, there wil...

1. The classification of driver’s licenses. If we divide it from our quasi-driving models, there will be three categories. They are mopeds, ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles, and ordinary three-wheeled motorcycles. The difference between them is mainly the actual displacement and model. The structure, 50cc and below will be classified as light motorcycles, and the above are two-wheeled motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles regardless of the displacement.

2. Displacement division, in addition to the driver’s license division, motorcycles can also be divided into three categories: small displacement, medium displacement, and large displacement according to the actual displacement of the engine. At present, all motorcycles below 500cc can be called small Displacement, below the public upgrade, can be called medium displacement, and more than 1000cc is a veritable large displacement. Of course, this division method is also controversial. If strictly speaking, there will be small and medium displacement among them. Large displacement, super large displacement.

The most direct difference between these motorcycles with different displacements is the power performance and technical specifications. Because displacement is king, it is not an empty talk. As the displacement increases, the corresponding core technology will be more sophisticated. At the same time, the price will be very different. For example, the price of some mainstream medium and large displacement motorcycles will be around 100,000, while some small and medium displacement motorcycles will be around 50,000, and the public upgrade will exceed 100,000. 200,000, 300,000 and above.

3. Motorcycle type classification, motorcycle type classification is a classification made by combining its own structure and characteristics. There are many types of motorcycles under this classification. For example, two-wheeled motorcycles under a large frame can be divided into two categories. They are traffic motorcycles and fun motorcycles, while three-wheeled motorcycles can be divided into freight motorcycles and recreational motorcycles. The main difference between them is their different uses.



If this classification is further refined, then two-wheeled road motorcycles can also be divided into curved beam motorcycles, scooters, straddle bikes, small princes, mini motorcycles, etc. The biggest difference between these models is the structure, of course, the actual Riding performance will also vary.

The two-wheeled fun motorcycle will be divided into street motorcycles, retro motorcycles, cruisers, sports motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, SUVs, ADVs, etc. These models not only have different appearances, but also have great performance in the playing state. Differences, and if subdivided, there will be many models, such as retro motorcycles, there will be retro street motorcycles, retro cruising motorcycle, Prince motorcycles, and cruising motorcycles, there will be cruising street motorcycles, cruising Princes, cruising pedals, and large cruising motorcycles. and many more.

Three-wheeled recreational motorcycles can also be divided into side three-wheels and reverse three-wheels according to technical specifications. The side three wheels are what we often call straddle carriers. The inverted three wheels are basically high-priced models because the core technology designed is more sophisticated. The difference between them is mainly structure and riding performance.

The above is a brief introduction to the classification of motorcycles. If it is subdivided, there will definitely be other models. To sum up so many motorcycles, the difference between them is nothing more than appearance design, model use, and riding performance. , Technical differences, product quality, and final selling price.

Different models of different brands will show its strongest side under different uses. Of course, with the change of this scene, some models will also show discomfort. So when choosing a model, you must watch more than that. In order to find a motorcycle that suits you best.