Comparison of the importance of motorcycle displacement and quality


For motorcycles, displacement represents power performa […]

For motorcycles, displacement represents power performance. After all, displacement is king and it is not empty talk. In a sense, the greater the displacement of the motorcycle, the better it will feel. This feeling does not only come from the performance of the motorcycle’s power, because as the displacement increases, from the powertrain to the frame structure There will be earth-shaking changes to the basic configuration, so a motorcycle with a larger displacement will be better.

Under such a premise, it will be easier for motorcycle users to favor large-displacement motorcycles, because some small-displacement models can no longer be satisfied. They pursue the stimulation of wind and speed, even if they are placed in front of you. The quality of this small-displacement motorcycle is very good, but because the displacement is "not up to standard", there will be no strong driving desire, so the displacement seems to be more important when playing.

Of course, this is only a performance under normal conditions, because there are also some models of this type that have large displacement but not ideal performance. The main reason is that they only focus on large displacement, but performance and quality. There is no follow-up, in other words, this type of model is just using big pistons to win the attention of users, and does not put user experience first.

For a vehicle with tens of thousands of parts assembled together, the simpler the structure means that its reliability will be more secure, while the overall structure of the small displacement motorcycle will be relatively more capable, so many Small displacement motorcycles will be easier to achieve high quality, especially for domestic models.



However, the weakness of small-displacement motorcycles is also very obvious. Although this type of model will not be broken after ten or eight years of riding, it may be that some outstanding motorcycles do not even need you to screw a screw. There is nothing wrong with the normal access state.

However, when the use scene changes, this type of motorcycle will feel very unconscious when riding, and will have a sense of disgust when riding, and always feel that there is no way to achieve the realm of human and motorcycle integration. At this time, the quality performance of the current motorcycle, It doesn't seem to be important anymore. Instead, hope that the motorcycle will have a breakthrough in performance to meet the riding requirements that are already uncomfortable with the status quo, so many riders will like to change the bike.

But when our pursuit of performance is extremely admired, we will not be able to stand a motorcycle that is prone to failure, because at this time you will easily talk to the owner of the repair shop, and there will be a late meeting. The feeling, especially those with great technology and old boards, will be easier to become your life confidant. Of course, your personal maintenance skills will continue to improve in this process.

In summary, displacement and quality are not contradictory. But if you have to choose one of the two under different requirements, there will be different standards. For practical road motorcycles, quality is more important, and for fun motorcycles, displacement can be the first place, but we cannot ignore quality. The presence. It's just that the relationship between the two can be slightly different. Of course, it will be better to take into account or balance. So please don't separate the displacement and quality. We need both.

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