Choosing Compressed Air Cylinder Components


An air cylinder is either an external or internal air s […]

An air cylinder is either an external or internal air storage unit that can hold either air or high-pressurized gas. Most air compressors utilize a cylindrical shape to store pressurized air. A cylinder casing is like pneumatic cylinders to which air is compressed before the gas is released through a nozzle.

Unlike pneumatic cylinder liners, compressed air enters and leaves a pneumatic cylinder similar to how a blower uses compressed air to enter and leave a fan. Because of this similarity, both air cylinder components and blowers are considered mechanical systems. Compressed air is often used as a lubricant when it comes to powering most motorized equipment such as lawnmowers, snowblowers, motorcycles, escalators and forklifts. It can also be used to power other machinery such as pumps, generators and shredders.

Air cylinder components consist of air tanks, cylinder liners and rod-end caps. The air tanks are used to store pressurized air at a particular pressure. Depending on the size of the cylinder, the tanks are mounted on the cylinder end and either on the top or the bottom. The rod-end cap covers the end of the compressed air; it may be attached to the cylinder or be a threaded rod that fits inside the cylinder.

To find out more about air cylinder components, log on to the Internet and research the topic. There are a number of sites that offer information on this topic including online shops and manufacturers' websites. Alternatively, you can contact some manufacturers directly. For companies that do not sell directly to the public, getting their contact details from their websites may help you get some information on these components. In most cases, it is best to look for reviews and feedback from customers before making any investment.

As the compressed air shoots through the air cylinder at very high velocity, there is a risk of the piston rod slipping off the cylinder wall. This can easily be prevented if two different rods are used. One rod is placed on top of the other so that there is no interference while the compressed air is shooting through the cylinder. Similarly, the piston stroke can also be shot from either side by using pneumatic cylinder valves for positive displacement and counter rotating the rod.

Most actuators come with preloaded holes for air cylinders and cylinder liners. However, the type and size of your actuator can depend on the application you have in mind. For instance, the holes will be different for a dust collector than for an oil tank. Further, you will need different actuators for different cylinder bore sizes and pressures. Therefore, when choosing, make sure that the correct parts are chosen to match the requirements.

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