When do you need to change the oil of motorcycle?

Update:15 Jun 2018

When do you need to change the oil? In fact, in theory, […]

When do you need to change the oil? In fact, in theory, as long as the engine oil is not lacking, the engine is able to operate normally. If the oil is used for too long and the mileage is too long, the quality of the oil will drastically decline and the amount of oil will decrease slightly. At this time, the effect of the oil will be weakened. Therefore, for the sake of safety, regularly change the oil to maintain the required coursework of the motorcycle.

In general, the newly-purchased motorcycle needs to replace the engine oil three times at 300, 800, and 1500 KM within the first 1,500 KM to ensure sufficient running-in of the mechanical components.

After the running-in period is over, it is recommended to change the oil every 1000-1500KM or every 3-6 months (based on different engine design, different speeds and different wear, different types of oil change, etc., please refer to the manual for specific figures given by each manufacturer. ).

The oil should be replaced in strict accordance with the mileage and time as the standard to replace, that is, the mileage to the time not to be replaced, the time is up, the mileage has not yet to be replaced, to ensure the normal and reasonable operation of the engine is essential!