What to do if motorcycle engine is noisy

Update:25 Aug, 2020
Summary:During the normal operation of the engine, there will be more or less noise, because friction will i...

During the normal operation of the engine, there will be more or less noise, because friction will inevitably occur between various parts, but the level of engine noise mainly depends on the current technical level, manufacturing process, and product materials, so when the engine noise changes When you are old, you must figure out what causes it.

Engine noise becomes louder. If the fault factor is eliminated, it is mainly because some normal clearances have changed. For example, if the valve clearance is too large, the small chain slack will cause the engine sound to become louder. When the motorcycle noise becomes louder due to this reason, replace the lubricating oil. In essence, the problem cannot be solved, only intervention can be made through technical means.

However, the current engine does not have a larger gap at all. The fault factor is just that the noise is slightly louder, so you can completely reduce the engine noise by replacing the lubricating oil.

In addition to normal lubrication, lubricating oil also has anti-wear, cushioning, and sealing functions. The anti-wear and cushioning can effectively suppress engine noise.



According to the grade and characteristics of lubricants, fully synthetic lubricants will have better performance in this regard, but fully synthetic lubricants are also divided into low viscosity and high viscosity. If you want good noise reduction performance, you must choose high viscosity lubricating oil.

The main criterion for distinguishing the so-called high viscosity and low viscosity of lubricating oil is to look at the parameters. Usually, the larger the two numbers before and after, the better the viscosity, and vice versa. Therefore, we can choose 15W40 or 20W50 based on the ambient temperature. Lubricating oil, in this way, can effectively suppress engine noise.

From the above introduction, we can see that when the engine sound becomes a little louder, we can indeed choose a fully synthetic high-grade lubricant to suppress the noise performance of the engine, but if it is caused by the engine's own fault The sound becomes louder, no matter how good the lubricating oil is added, it will not help. Therefore, before choosing the lubricating oil, you must make a preliminary judgment on the state of the engine, otherwise it will drag a minor fault into a major fault.