What should we do if the motorcycle fails to catch fire

Update:30 Jun, 2021
Summary:It is normal for many rural families to own their own cars, but there are also many families who use...

It is normal for many rural families to own their own cars, but there are also many families who use motorcycles. Motorcycles are more fuel-efficient, low-cost, and suitable for various road conditions. Therefore, motorcycles in the countryside are still the main means of transportation. Everyone who rides a motorcycle should know it. Motorcycles are normal in the summer and start-up is easy, but it is different in the cold winter. Especially in the northerly areas, the start of motorcycles is very troublesome. What should I do if the motorcycle fails to catch fire?

In winter, the temperature is low, and motorcycles sometimes do not catch fire. Kick with the pedal can't start. In this case, many people are looking for Osaka directly. There are cases where the road conditions cannot be broken, and there are cases where the slope cannot be broken. What should we do at this time. Don't worry, just use the following method.

First, you need to use a large desk lamp to fully support the motorcycle, use the key to ignite, and turn on all the power of the motorcycle. There is no need to rush the ignition at this time. In addition, without using pedals, the motorcycle is directly hooked up to 4 speed. Next are the key steps. We first pulled the roller skating of the motorcycle with our hands and dragged him behind with our own strength. Basically, if you smoke a few times, the motorcycle will start by itself. How to do this method is simple and practical?

In winter, because the temperature is relatively low, the motorcycle is prone to fail to hit. For the master, if you want to successfully ignite the motorcycle, you must use the slope or pedal. Using the above method, there is no need to rush into the slope or light, and it can be started immediately. I wonder if you have learned it? In winter, the weather is relatively cold, and it is indeed difficult to drive a motorcycle. If you have difficulty in starting a fire, you may wish to use the above method.