What is the role of motorcycle oil on motorcycles?

Update:01 Jun 2018

The role of motorcycle oil on motorcycles: 1. Lubricati […]

The role of motorcycle oil on motorcycles:

1. Lubrication and anti-friction effect ---- I believe we all know that the slogan "more lubrication and less friction," will increase the friction between mechanical parts, and the metal between sharp movements will increase Worn pieces.

Therefore, if there is lubrication of the oil, the oil forms an oil film between the surfaces of the moving parts, and the friction between the mechanical metal parts will be drastically reduced, thereby protecting the metal parts from abnormal wear and extending the life of the parts. ;

2. Vibration reduction and noise reduction—If dry friction occurs between metal parts, besides wearing parts, it will also produce harsh noise, just like the friction between two new kitchen knives.

If the oil film on the friction surface has not only reduced the friction, but also reduced the noise caused by friction between components, so many consumers feel that the noise of the engine is lower than before the replacement of the new oil. Some of this is the truth.