What is the future of the motorcycle industry?


With the rapid progress of China's economy in recent ye […]

With the rapid progress of China's economy in recent years, China has become a veritable factory in the world. The industry has also experienced a period of rapid development. In the motorcycle industry, the number of Chinese-made products is rising rapidly, and it is rapidly flooding the national and even global markets. At present, China's motorcycle industry has entered a stage of steady and mature development after experiencing rapid development and disorderly competition. With the evolution of the motorcycle market, in the next 10 years, China's motorcycle industry will face the following major development trends:


  Motorcycle companies began to butt up and down
  with the economic strength and technological strength, a number of well-known Chinese motorcycle enterprises is no longer simply a node located in the industrial chain (for example, just by introducing a vehicle assembly or production technology ), But gradually began to have some of their core technology. The industrial layout of an enterprise has begun to expand towards a relatively complete industrial chain. For example, some motorcycle OEMs have their own key components such as engines, shock absorbers, and magnetomotors. This kind of up-and-down development has made competition among Chinese motorcycle companies not just at the price level of products, but Systematic competition across the industry chain.


  China will become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturing base.
  It can be seen from foreign companies' increased investment in China's motorcycle industry that in the next few years, China is still in the period of catching up with developed countries, and motorcycle companies will still follow closely. The trend of technological development, seizing the opportunity of the adjustment of the global industrial structure, soberly reviewing its own resource endowments, making good use of its comparative advantages and latecomer advantages to become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturing base, with an expected annual output value of tens of billions The competitiveness of our domestic motorcycles in the world has further strengthened, and our strong brands will begin to expand the global market in the true sense.


  The motorcycle enterprise center will be fully transferred.
  After developing to a certain scale, the well-known domestic motorcycle groups began to look for new "vitamins" for rapid development of enterprises such as capital, information, technology, and talents. For example, many motorcycle companies began to enter other fields. . At the same time, with the internationalization of motorcycle companies, many corporate centers will be adjusted again, and the focus will be on the international market.


  E-commerce has become the mainstream business model for motorcycle companies.
  With the development of information technology, it will be an indisputable reality that e-commerce is popular all over the world. In the future, it is predicted that the e-commerce business will gradually transition to the mainstream, and at the same time, the e-commerce space for motorcycle companies will expand to the entire global market, instead of being confined to the domestic market as it is now.


  Manufacturing mode will shift to mass customization mode
  In the pursuit of developed countries' motorcycle industry, China's motorcycle companies tend to pay one-sided attention to product technology, but not enough attention to flexible process technology such as production mode. Driven by information technology, the production mode of various manufacturing industries in the world is undergoing profound changes, that is, the shift from a mass production model to a mass customization model that meets the needs of customers to the greatest extent. The ability to quickly change and use new production models will become an important strategic choice that affects the future international competitiveness of Chinese motorcycle companies.


  The internal and external systems and management levels of motorcycle companies will be fully integrated
  . The essence of corporate competition in the international market is the competition of corporate systems. At present, in addition to technical factors, the gap between Chinese motorcycle companies and motorcycle companies in developed countries is more importantly the gap in corporate systems and management levels. At present, China's enterprises are mainly the reform of the enterprise's own system and the reform of the external operating system environment. As the system reform process of Chinese enterprises is further accelerated, the management level will be further improved. In the future, there will be brand-new changes in the institutional environment and management level of Chinese enterprises inside and outside, that is, the institutional environment is fully in line with international standards, and Chinese motorcycle companies that have greatly reduced the gap between the system and management level with motorcycle companies in developed countries are likely Facing another take-off or substantial improvement. At that time, Made in China will appear more widely in various markets around the world.


  There is still a long way to go. The development of the motorcycle industry does not happen overnight. Even today's achievements have gone through decades of hard work and hard work. But we should also see that the achievements of China's motorcycle industry are beyond doubt and worth encouraging. How long will the rise of the Chinese motorcycle industry in the future be a difficult question to answer, ten or twenty years? Earlier or later. However, we should be more convinced that in the future, we will certainly be stronger and more brilliant!

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