What are the precautions for summer motorcycle maintenance

Update:13 Jul, 2021
Summary:For motorcycle riders, there are many sunny days in summer, which is very suitable for riding. But a...

For motorcycle riders, there are many sunny days in summer, which is very suitable for riding. But at the same time, it is also a difficult season. Problems such as flat tires, spontaneous combustion, skidding, and poor heat dissipation are all exposed. It is a period of frequent occurrence of dangerous accidents. Therefore, in order to be prepared, drive safely, and avoid traffic accidents, the following matters should be paid more attention to.

Before leaving the motorcycle, you should carefully check the operation of each part of the motorcycle. Although this is a cliché, it is indeed necessary. In particular, check the tire pressure of motorcycle tires carefully. Because the tires we usually use are made of rubber, they soften as the temperature rises, and harden as the temperature decreases. Therefore, riding in summer, the tires will have better grip and make riding safer. , But due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the tire pressure will also change accordingly. The temperature of the road surface in summer is often as high as 60~70℃ after sun exposure. When driving on this high temperature road, when the temperature of the tire rises, the air pressure inside the tire will also Rising, the possibility of a puncture increases. Therefore, the air pressure of the tire should not be overcharged. Inject air strictly in accordance with the value specified by the tire, and should not exceed the marked value to prevent inflation from causing a tire blowout.

Be sure to keep driving at a medium speed and use high speed as little as possible, especially not to drive at high speed for a long time. This can avoid the engine running at high speed and high load at high temperature, causing the engine to overheat. If you need to drive a motorcycle for a long distance, you should stop after driving a certain distance to let the engine dissipate heat.

Many motorcycle owners think that no matter what brand of oil can be added to the engine, some people even like to constantly add oil to the engine to reach the mark line of the oil dipstick. On the surface, it is so fuel-efficient, but different types of engines produce different levels of heat and heat dissipation. In addition, factors such as temperature changes, the degree of newness of the engine itself, and the difference in work load determine the type of oil. If the oil is too viscous, the clutch will not be easily separated and the engine will run poorly; if the oil is too thin, the engine temperature will rise too fast, so use the Peugeot motorcycle specified oil and change the oil according to the mileage specified in the maintenance manual to make driving safer .

Always wear a helmet and protective equipment when going out. Although the sun and ultraviolet rays are strong in summer and the temperature is high, you will feel hot, but motorcycles do not have seat belts and outer frame protection. In the event of an accident, people will directly touch the ground or other objects. When rubbing the ground at high speed, the skin will completely fall off in just a few seconds. A head hit will be directly fatal, and the probability of a head injury in a motorcycle accident is 50%, so a helmet is absolutely essential.

Wearing half helmets and retro helmets in summer can better ventilate and dissipate heat.

Clothes must also be wear-resistant. Standard cycling clothes are the best. Normal clothes can hardly provide protection. Gloves, knee pads and boots are equally important. The Peugeot motorcycle riding jacket has a waterproof coating on the surface, and its shoulders, elbows and back are protected by protective gear to make riding safer.

In midsummer, the ultraviolet rays are strong and there are more mosquitoes. Cycling headscarves can effectively prevent mosquito bites and damage to the skin caused by wind, sand and sun.

In the hot summer sun, people are prone to drowsiness and poor spirits. Therefore, drivers should try their best to:

(1) Ensure good and adequate sleep. Only in this way can we ensure sufficient energy and physical strength.

(2) The driver should give full attention while driving.

(3) If the driver feels unwell on the way, don't hold it hard, stop in time to find a cool place to rest, and add water appropriately. Wait until your body returns to normal before continuing to ride.

(4) Passengers in the back seat are not allowed to wear skirts, because the skirts are large and easily caught in the wheels and cause traffic accidents. Also don't sit on the side, it is easy to fall off the motorcycle when braking, causing injury.

(5) The exhaust pipe may cause burns, so get off from the left as far as possible (the exhaust pipe is usually on the right).