What are the parts that motorcycles need to pay attention to

Update:28 Nov 2019

Apart from changing the oil and air filter for motorcyc […]

Apart from changing the oil and air filter for motorcycle maintenance, these points are also very important!

When buying motorcycles, many people believe that many motorcycle dealers have said that they have to maintain their motorcycles for a certain period of time. The most common maintenance is oil and air filtration.In fact, not only oil and air filter, these points also need to pay great attention to maintenance.

The first point: machine filtration.

Regularly changing the oil and filter is something everyone knows, because motorcycles can easily reach high speeds, so it takes longer than motorcycle maintenance time, and at high speeds, iron filings in the engine There are many, so the machine filter can also be cleaned together.

The second point: air filtration.

The replacement of the air filter is affected by the environment. Almost no replacement time is determined. If you ride in the urban area, maintenance can be performed at about 10,000 kilometers. If it is in a place with a lot of wind and sand, the cycle will be shortened. The filters are basically paper paste, but do not wash with water when cleaning, just blow away the dirt with an air pump.

Third point: steam filtration.

Steam filter is a gasoline filter element. This has a lot to do with the quality of gasoline. If the quality of the gasoline you add is not very good, the gasoline filter element will play a role in allowing those impurities to be filtered. Less is more, and then it is time to clean.

Fourth point: brake pads.

The role of the brake pads is very large. As long as they are used for riding, and the brake pads are also related to the safety performance of the motorcycle, the brake pads also need to be very important to maintain. It is recommended that they be replaced or maintained at about 30,000 kilometers.